Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Once Again!

Dear Rory,

  I can't believe you turned two.  It's unimaginable.  I guess this is what everyone meant when they said, "Don't Blink."  You're such a big boy now.  There's nothing you won't try.  That's probably why this past year you fell down at the pool and split your chin open.  You had to get 5 stitches but you took it like a champ.  However, they didn't last very long.  You must not have liked how they looked because you fell on that chin again and re-split it.  You didn't even bat an eyelash.  I told Mommy it's because you're a rough tough boy.  She says it's because you're made out of spit and vinegar.  If that's true, which I'm not saying it is, it's inherently from her.  I'm pretty sure she was born in a vinegar factory. 

  Of course there are so many things you do now that make your Mommy and I so proud (and tired).
One of your favorite things to do is copy everything Daddy does.  If I'm brushing my teeth and I clear my throat or spit in the sink you'll be right there dragging your stool to the sink to do it too.  I'll intentionally swat Mommy on the behind so you'll copy me.  It especially drives her crazy but we just laugh about it. 

  Honestly, you'll copy anything anyone does.  Sometimes Mommy will give me a kiss because it will magically make you want to give her one too.  Why does she have to trick you into kissing her you ask?  You my friend are a jokester.  You like to tease Mommy by withholding your kisses and pretending you don't know that she wants one.  You'll grin and look in the other direction.  We adore your humor!!!  At least I do.  ;)

 You know you'll actually imitate Bella too.  She'll be in an ecstatic barking frenzy because she wants to go outside, eat food, or get a bone and you'll be right there with her barking at us.  It's kind of insane but what's life without a barking duo?

 Something you've really started enjoying this past year is your massive book collection.  You'll bring book after book over to Mommy or Daddy every day and we will read every single one of them.  The best part is that you don't just sit there and listen.  You get involved!  You climb the coconut trees with the alphabet, and you snore along with Bear as all the animals have a party in his den.  You make reading the same books over and over everyday so much fun!  You're favorite books are Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, (which you only bring to Mommy to read), Desert Tails, (which you only bring to Daddy to read) Bear Snores On, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books, and My Day (which is a picture book that you read to us). 

You'd rather eat Mommy's food than our own most of the time.  I think it's because you like to help mommy cook.  There's some strange food bond you guys must have created.  She sets you right on the counter and you help by putting things in the pot.  You even tell her how the flame is hot when your foot gets too close to it.  Of course this scares me, but then again I'm sure Mommy is watching you closely.  Right Mommy?

Another thing you do that is so hilarious to watch but equally crazy is how you bring your stool all the way from the bathroom to the couch just so you can throw yourself against it in a massive parkour like attempt.  You go flying like a ragdoll but get right back up to do it again.  I can't imagine how you ended up with stitches before you were two.

This past summer on our massive road trip across the United States you really began piecing together so many things.  You started stringing words together, associating names with things and people and just tapped into a new part of your brain.  Now anywhere we go you tell me about the meowing cats, the ducks that say "cack, cack", cars that drive by, and pretty much everything else.  This includes your favorite television show; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  To say you are obsessed with Mickey and the gang would be an understatement.  You adore them.  You know all of their names, have an assortment of Mickey stuffed animals, toys, and even a guitar.  

Skype is very important to you as well.  Sadly since none of your grandparents live nearby, you  Skype with them weekly.  It's so amazing how you now know all of their names and deliberately will ask to talk to them and go and get the iPad so we can call them.   

One of the best things about you is how loving you are.  You just love people and you aren't afraid to let them know it.  We love how much you enjoy your second family; Mrs. Anna, Leta, Ethan and all the rest.  They love you so much!  They are truly a part of our family.  (Sometimes you don't even want to leave.)  There's also the Wolfpack, little Rae Rae, Cara, and K.T.  Everywhere you go you seem to spread joy.  Please don't change.  This world needs more joy and love.  Keep spreading it.

I guess I should end this because it's about that time and statistically speaking, people stop reading if an entry is too long.  Not that I'm writing this for anyone other than you.  I just want to make sure when you're older you'll read the whole thing.   

I ended last year's birthday blog by saying that you still liked to be wrapped up in blankets when you went to sleep.  That's not true anymore.  That ended quite a while ago.  Mrs. Anna was like, "Umm.  No I haven't used blankets to swaddle him in like forever.  He just falls right asleep."  I don't get how she is literally magical but she was right.  That night we put you down and you just went out.  We rejoiced on that day and probably had a glass of wine.  I mean it totally took a good 10 minutes off the bedtime routine.  I will say though, that we still sing your bedtime song every night, and every once in a while I'll still rock you to sleep because I love the feeling of your head on my shoulder. 

You are the best thing that's happened to Mommy and I and we never knew what we were missing before you came along.  You have made the past two years so amazing and even though you exhaust us sometimes and make us fall asleep before 9 at times.  We wouldn't trade anything in the world for the time we've spent with you.  You have made fatherhood 100 million times more amazing than I ever imagined it could be.

I love you so much!  Happy birthday Little Ror!