Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Starts with a Bang!

  New Year's Eve was quite anticlimactic as Kim and I both fell asleep at 11:40.  We were just way too tired to stay up the extra twenty minutes. However, we rang in the New Year with Grandpop-o and Hailmony who flew down on the first, to help us celebrate Kim's birthday a little bit early.  And more importantly for them to spend time with Rory.

   It is always so nice seeing grandparents since we generally only get up North about once a year.  Grandpop-o and Hailmony rushed through our front door, hugging us all quickly before they scooped Rory up into their arms.  They sang to him.  They danced for him.  They came bearing gifts for him.  And Rory loved every second.  Until he got tired.

  The next morning we discovered that the two grandparents were on a special diet.


"Oh yeah," Grandpop-o says, "We aren't eating any carbs.  I'm losing so much weight."
  "Me too," Hailmony smiles, shoving a handful of cheerios in her mouth.
  "You know cheerios have carbs, right?"  Kim says,
  "Yes.  But it's just my little snack," Hailmony nods, offering some to Rory who also shoves a fistful into his face. 
  "Cheerios are one of his favorite things." I say.  "You're going to have a friend for life now."

  And it was true.  Rory and Hailmony were thick as thieves.  They laughed and inhaled vast amounts of cheerios together.  Grandpop-o also got lots of Rory time,  They even bought him his first bike.  A little radio flyer.  (Once he figure out how to ride it correctly it will be adorable.) but he also got occasional grump looks that seemed to come out of nowhere.

"This is your curse pop," Kim says.  "You always told everyone that Rory was the grumpy one and now it's come to haunt you.
  "Well he was," Grandpop-o says.
  "No he wasn't," 
  Grandpop-o looks to Rory with a smile.  "How's my buddy?"
  Rory gives him a grumpy glare.
  Hailmony cracks up laughing and swats Grandpop-o. "Don't look at him!"
  She shoves a cheerio in Rory's mouth.  
  "How come he loves her and not me?" Grandpop-o says. 

  But the truth is they had a wonderful time together.  They played together at the beach, went for a walk, and played a little bit in the waves.  It's so awesome to see the change in Rory now that he's becoming more aware of who the people around him are.  His reactions are so priceless.  I wish I could film every second so I don't miss any of them.

I was told that I missed a few because Grandpop-o and Rory were getting up early to go running in the mornings  I have to say I wish I could be as dedicated to running and healthy eating, but I'm not quite at that point yet I guess.  Even at the restaurants Grandpop-o would order things without bread, or buns, etc..

"I'll get a burger, with no bun and no ketchup.  We are on a carb and sugar free diet.  Mayo is okay though.  Thank you," Grandpop-o says,
"And I'll get a cheeseburger on sourdough with ketchup and mustard.  Also hot sauce if you have any," Hailmony says popping a cheerio in her mouth.  Rory's too.
"It doesn't sound like you are doing the diet," I say to Hailmony.  
"She cheats!" Grandpop-o says.  
"I'm a good cheater!" she says nodding her head,

  Before they flew back to Mass, we spent the day at Sea World.  It's a little known fact that Rory loves watching the fish in my tank at school.  He can stare at them for minutes upon minutes.  I couldn't wait to see what he'd do when he saw all of the fish, dolphins, and sharks in the park.  I was right.  He loved all of it and just like when we have to pull him away from the tank at school, he didn't want to leave the fish at the Sea World exhibits either.  We did have to eventually pull him away though and the same goes for the grandparents.  We had to say goodbye and that's always hard.  Until next time Grandpop-o and Hailmony!  We already miss you!

P.S.  I know you didn't want to have to search Facebook for the pictures Grandpop-o, but that's about all I know how to do.