Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ode To Binga

Dear Rory,

Saying that you are a child of routine is the biggest understatement in history.  You NEED things to happen the same way they have always happened.  Even if it was just that random moment when you were sobbing uncontrollably because I opened the garage door instead of you, and I pretended that your little toy remote was actually a garage door closer.  And now every day you feel the need to not only open the garage door but also "close" it with your remote when we leave for work.

It's exhausting but I can't get enough of it really.  That leads me to today's blog entry, which unfortunately is months late.  That extra hour at work gives us less time to spend together and when I get home I'd much rather play with you than write about it.  But I don't want to forget all of these amazing moments!

Like the time you beyond all comprehension willingly gave up your Binga. (that's a pacifier for anyone who doesn't have a toddler that makes up weird words) 

I'm sure I've written about how much Mommy hated that Binga.  She never actually wanted you to have it to be honest, but there came a point that you really didn't need it anymore.  Don't get me wrong, you screamed for it!  You wailed at the top of your lungs if you didn't have it.  But you truly didn't need it anymore.  You were just so on a schedule that whenever you took a nap you'd mentally check off your list.  Blanket.  Check.  Binga.  Check.  Water cup.  Check.

It was when we took your crib out of your room and put your fancy new Mickey bed in there that a new checklist was formed.  New bed.  New rules.  We told you that Mickey didn't want a binga in his brand new bed and you said "okay."  And haven't asked or needed it since.  You'll sometimes see a picture of a younger you and talk about it.  But you don't need or want it anymore.  It was such an easy transition that I didn't actually believe it could be true. 

You continually surprise me all of the time.  And a quick FYI, I'll be writing more entries now and again.  Because let's face it.  You're hilarious, you're brilliant, and you're simply the greatest gift God's given me.  I love you.