Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

   As soon as Rory wakes up in the morning and Mommy and Daddy's 5:30 workout is over; Rory in his sweet little voice will ask  for "Milk.  Milk.  Milk." and "Mickey Mooouuuse."  It's just like clockwork.  Everyday.  We don't let him watch very much TV with us at home.  Usually just an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the morning and one before bed.  And that's because getting ready for work with a 2 year old is not very easy.  But he likes it, he's two, and I think Kenny Rogers said it best "Ya gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em."

But I'm getting off task: Since Rory is so obsessed with his little group of Disney Critters, Mimi Kay has always had a special place in her heart for Dumbo, and because it's Fall (and we really just love Fall) we decided to surprise Rory and Mimi Kay and take them to Disney World for Mickey's Not So Scary Party!

It was hard to keep the secret considering we were dressing up as the cast of the Wizard of Oz, but we told Mimi we were going to Old Town and there was a special costume event happening.  She ate it up with a spoon.  Never questioned anything.  But once we passed underneath the Disney World Arches, Mimi almost fainted in the backseat.  "IS THIS FOR REAL?  WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?  I'M SO HAPPY!"

And I have to admit the whole experience was totally magical.  Rory was so into it from the very first moment when we saw the "Mickey Mouse Pumpy".   Everything was so exciting to him, which of course made it even more exciting for me!  Walking down the streets toward Cinderella's castle was    awesome.  Kids and adults were dressed up in Halloween costumes and milling all around.  I especially enjoyed all of the Cast Members commenting on just how amazing we looked.  One even asked me if I needed a match.  (I was the Scarecrow, so I politely told him no.)  But let's be real, the tiny Cowardly Lion stole the show.  Everyone stopped and stared as he walked by.  And walk he did.  He literally strutted around the entire park from 5pm until Midnight; only sitting in his stroller during the Halloween Parade. 

  We rode the Pirates ride right away and went trick or treating at all the stops.  We met up with our long lost Tinman, Katie, and stood in some delightfully inclement weather waiting for the parade to start.  It was a little cold but actually okay because while everyone went to hide under shelter, we just strolled ourselves to the best spot right on the curb and waited.  The rain eventually stopped and the parade was spectacular!  Rory lit right up and started waving to Pluto, who was leading the parade in a matching lion outfit.  Pluto AKA "Tuto" came right up to Rory and gave him a high five.  Rory was ecstatic!  I tried to get a good picture but I was not in the best position to get Rory's face in the shot.  Snow White also showed up and said hello to Rory, along with a bunch of other characters Rory doesn't really know very well.  He thought it was fun and entertaining, but it was when "ChipDale" came up and fist bumped Rory, I thought Rory was going to climb out of the stroller and join the parade.  He was in literal awe!   Every moment of standing in the rain was worth it to see the joy on that kid's face.  Kim says that Rory must feel like he's in an episode of Mickey Mouse Club House, because all of his friends are here waving at him and giving him high fives. 

One of the coolest things we got to do was meet some of Rory's favorite characters.  We decided to start with Goofy AKA "Fooey" because that's Rory's number one.  And when we got in line and Rory saw him from afar he couldn't stop grinning.  He pointed and told us that Fooey was right up ahead.
  "Yes we all see him, Ror!"
  It was so stinking cute and Rory might tend to perseverate slightly but man it was epic!  When we got up to Goofy I put Rory down and he wasn't quite sure what to do.  Perhaps he was a tiny bit nervous by this overly tall guy, but once we told him it was okay to give "Fooey" a hug he lunged into his arms and we got some fun pictures.  He kept staring at "Fooey" completely mesmerized.  When we said goodbye, Rory bolted back for one last high five and kept repeating, "Bye Fooey, Bye Fooey.  Bye Fooey."  I had to pick him up and carry him away.  Yes.  We were those people and I loved every second of it.

We also met Daisy, Donald and Minnie, dressed in their Halloween Best.  At this point, Rory was in all his glory, hugging them, holding their hands, and just loving every moment!  Clearly what Disney World is all about, but more than that it got me thinking.  Remembering all of those things I already know about life.  It's too fast.  It's way to easy to get busy or tired and let the little things pass by and make a choice to flop down on the couch and watch a show, instead of writing a blog entry about the things your little guy is doing now.  Life happens way too fast and we all have choices on how we want to spend it.  I want to enjoy every moment to the fullest.  I don't want to be distracted from the important things.     

After meeting the characters, Mimi got her wish and she rode with Rory on Dumbo.  As we were gliding through the night sky the fireworks show at Cinderella's Castle began and we soared among the exploding colors.  While Daddy, Mommy, and Mimi went on the Haunted Mansion ride, Rory and Katie flew on Peter Pan and rode the Carousel.  Rory chose a blue horse.  (I'm writing that for my dad's sake.  He thinks fake horses should be traditional colors.  I know right?  Creativity killer much?  Just kidding Dad.  Sort of.)

Right before Midnight as we walked up to the castle for the final showing of Hocus Pocus, Rory asked to be picked up.  I did and he gave me a lethargic little look and then his head fell forward.  He immediately picked it back up and looked at me again as if asking what we were going to do next. 

"It's okay baby," I told him.  "You did a good job.  You can lay your head down on my shoulder now and go to sleep now."

And he did.  Immediately. 

Thank you Disney World!  It was one of the most fun events we've done in a while.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Always Have To Steal My Kisses From You

  Well let's be honest.  Daddy doesn't have to.  It's Mama who has to steal her kisses from you.  She got so upset at first because she used to think that it meant that you didn't love her.  She is quite dramatic, isn't she?  I personally love the little games you play with her.  It feels like something I would do too, but since you do it, I can just sit back and laugh.  And trust me.  I do.

  You get really funny right at bedtime after we pray to God.  You'll point at the sky and tap each of our hearts (even the dogs, if she's in the room) because you have learned that God is always in our hearts.  Then we'll sing our good night song and you are so good at singing the words back.  Of course you don't know all of them yet but you sure have the " say goodnight, goodnight, goodnight Rory-Roo!" part down pat. 

I have to tell you it's one of our favorite parts of the day, and not just because we finally get a moment to relax, but you're just more precious than anyone I feel ever really expresses to their children.  I just want you to know that Mama and Daddy think you are the most amazing guy ever.

After we sing Mama demands her goodnight kisses.  You'll lean over to Daddy and give him a kiss and then you'll lean to Mama and just as she's about to kiss you, you'll jerk your head back to Daddy and give him a kiss.  Then back to Mama and just before she can kiss you, you'll jerk your head back to Daddy.  We all crack up, even you.  You're a certified ham.

Sidenote:  Mama will probably like you to know that 1 out of every 7 days, you will reverse roles and make Daddy beg for kisses.  These are Mama's favorite days. 

Sidenote 2:  One night Mama was so excited that you were going to give her kisses she almost danced for joy and just as you kissed her you stuck your tongue out and licked her.  When we all laughed you continued to lick people that night. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Once Again!

Dear Rory,

  I can't believe you turned two.  It's unimaginable.  I guess this is what everyone meant when they said, "Don't Blink."  You're such a big boy now.  There's nothing you won't try.  That's probably why this past year you fell down at the pool and split your chin open.  You had to get 5 stitches but you took it like a champ.  However, they didn't last very long.  You must not have liked how they looked because you fell on that chin again and re-split it.  You didn't even bat an eyelash.  I told Mommy it's because you're a rough tough boy.  She says it's because you're made out of spit and vinegar.  If that's true, which I'm not saying it is, it's inherently from her.  I'm pretty sure she was born in a vinegar factory. 

  Of course there are so many things you do now that make your Mommy and I so proud (and tired).
One of your favorite things to do is copy everything Daddy does.  If I'm brushing my teeth and I clear my throat or spit in the sink you'll be right there dragging your stool to the sink to do it too.  I'll intentionally swat Mommy on the behind so you'll copy me.  It especially drives her crazy but we just laugh about it. 

  Honestly, you'll copy anything anyone does.  Sometimes Mommy will give me a kiss because it will magically make you want to give her one too.  Why does she have to trick you into kissing her you ask?  You my friend are a jokester.  You like to tease Mommy by withholding your kisses and pretending you don't know that she wants one.  You'll grin and look in the other direction.  We adore your humor!!!  At least I do.  ;)

 You know you'll actually imitate Bella too.  She'll be in an ecstatic barking frenzy because she wants to go outside, eat food, or get a bone and you'll be right there with her barking at us.  It's kind of insane but what's life without a barking duo?

 Something you've really started enjoying this past year is your massive book collection.  You'll bring book after book over to Mommy or Daddy every day and we will read every single one of them.  The best part is that you don't just sit there and listen.  You get involved!  You climb the coconut trees with the alphabet, and you snore along with Bear as all the animals have a party in his den.  You make reading the same books over and over everyday so much fun!  You're favorite books are Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, (which you only bring to Mommy to read), Desert Tails, (which you only bring to Daddy to read) Bear Snores On, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books, and My Day (which is a picture book that you read to us). 

You'd rather eat Mommy's food than our own most of the time.  I think it's because you like to help mommy cook.  There's some strange food bond you guys must have created.  She sets you right on the counter and you help by putting things in the pot.  You even tell her how the flame is hot when your foot gets too close to it.  Of course this scares me, but then again I'm sure Mommy is watching you closely.  Right Mommy?

Another thing you do that is so hilarious to watch but equally crazy is how you bring your stool all the way from the bathroom to the couch just so you can throw yourself against it in a massive parkour like attempt.  You go flying like a ragdoll but get right back up to do it again.  I can't imagine how you ended up with stitches before you were two.

This past summer on our massive road trip across the United States you really began piecing together so many things.  You started stringing words together, associating names with things and people and just tapped into a new part of your brain.  Now anywhere we go you tell me about the meowing cats, the ducks that say "cack, cack", cars that drive by, and pretty much everything else.  This includes your favorite television show; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  To say you are obsessed with Mickey and the gang would be an understatement.  You adore them.  You know all of their names, have an assortment of Mickey stuffed animals, toys, and even a guitar.  

Skype is very important to you as well.  Sadly since none of your grandparents live nearby, you  Skype with them weekly.  It's so amazing how you now know all of their names and deliberately will ask to talk to them and go and get the iPad so we can call them.   

One of the best things about you is how loving you are.  You just love people and you aren't afraid to let them know it.  We love how much you enjoy your second family; Mrs. Anna, Leta, Ethan and all the rest.  They love you so much!  They are truly a part of our family.  (Sometimes you don't even want to leave.)  There's also the Wolfpack, little Rae Rae, Cara, and K.T.  Everywhere you go you seem to spread joy.  Please don't change.  This world needs more joy and love.  Keep spreading it.

I guess I should end this because it's about that time and statistically speaking, people stop reading if an entry is too long.  Not that I'm writing this for anyone other than you.  I just want to make sure when you're older you'll read the whole thing.   

I ended last year's birthday blog by saying that you still liked to be wrapped up in blankets when you went to sleep.  That's not true anymore.  That ended quite a while ago.  Mrs. Anna was like, "Umm.  No I haven't used blankets to swaddle him in like forever.  He just falls right asleep."  I don't get how she is literally magical but she was right.  That night we put you down and you just went out.  We rejoiced on that day and probably had a glass of wine.  I mean it totally took a good 10 minutes off the bedtime routine.  I will say though, that we still sing your bedtime song every night, and every once in a while I'll still rock you to sleep because I love the feeling of your head on my shoulder. 

You are the best thing that's happened to Mommy and I and we never knew what we were missing before you came along.  You have made the past two years so amazing and even though you exhaust us sometimes and make us fall asleep before 9 at times.  We wouldn't trade anything in the world for the time we've spent with you.  You have made fatherhood 100 million times more amazing than I ever imagined it could be.

I love you so much!  Happy birthday Little Ror!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer: The Season of a New Rory

  I love Summer.  It's that time of year that I get to spend extra loads of quality time with Ror.  (and perhaps blog more)  This summer, similarly to last, we're on a mega road trip visiting family.  And in just this past week, as we've traveled from Florida to New Hampshire it's as if Rory has begun a new stage.  I'm calling it the SpongeBob stage.  He's literally sponging everything up and retaining it.  He's using words like "awesome" and asking "where is she?" when looking for the dog.  It's like suddenly he's figured out how to apply the words he's learned and manipulate them for specific needs.  
    He's learning names of people and remembering which name goes with which face.  He knows the difference between "Papa" and "Bumpa" and it's super exciting.  He's singing and dancing, which he's always done, but he's singing to the same tune of the song that's playing.  He's counting, naming his stuffed animals, distinguishing by name and face the characters of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Minnie, "Fooey", "Tuto", and Pete are his favorites.  There's so many cool things going on I can't even go into every detail.  I wouldn't know how.  The brain is such an amazing thing! 

  I've always been kind of intrigued in brain research because as a teacher, knowing how brains work is kind of important when you're impacting and trying to teach 18 new ones each year.  And with this technological generation, strategies and information are constantly being improved and updated.  One that I've used for years is to incorporate movement into your teaching.  Movement is very important in brain development.  Without movement, no dendrites grow, and that means no learning.  As for Rory, he never stops moving.  This is most likely the reason why his little dendrites (my new favorite word) are sprouting out of control!

Josh Van Wormer's photo.I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to everything Rory has yet to learn but I also have to admit that it's all going so fast.  He'll be two in August and he hardly resembles a baby anymore.  What happened?  I guess that's just how it goes.  I'll continue writing and watch for all the new things in this amazing season ahead.       

Sunday, May 10, 2015


I'm sure most of you remember that time when you realized your child wasn't invincible.  That all of your careful hovering and precautionary actions weren't quite enough to save your child from every nasty thorn that life has to offer.

I learned this lesson last week when Rory, surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents, had a bad fall.  I was a measly few inches away.  We'd just sped around the pool in an imaginary speedboat and in just a few seconds after docking at the pool steps he managed to slip and slice a gash in his chin that felt to me like the parting of the Red Sea.  I immediately picked him up and rushed to get a towel.  His screams made his gash open and close.  Was it just me or could I see into the depths of his soul? 

Being Orlando, the hospital was close by.  Everything is.  He was rushed in,  Swaddled and held down. 5 stitches sewn into his chin and it was done.  (In my delusional parent panic state, it all seemed much longer.)  He even was given an ultra sugary Popsicle, which I generally wouldn't allow him to eat.  But considering the circumstances, I wanted to ask for two. 
After everything was said and done and we were trying to relax in the suite I continued to worry about the gash, that my poor baby had already maimed himself majorly before he was even two.  That he may fall pull the stitches out or continue to hurt himself.  Am I a hypochondriac?  Do I not trust God enough?  My mother would tell me I need anxiety pills but it's just so horrible when it's your little baby and he's hurting.  Most people that know Rory tell me I might as well get used to it.  He's a rough little kid.  He sports a new bruise on his head weekly.  This is just the beginning.  Someone even mentioned looking into Aflac.  It may pay for itself.  :) Let's pray that Rory will just figure out how to be rough safely.  We don't want to take anything away from his personality but we don't want to spend every week in the Emergency Room either.  Do you hear that Rory?  Safe is the key word!  I split my chin open similarly when I was 7.  I know it's part of life but I just thought that maybe he'd have a few years before he started maiming himself.  

All things considered Rory did fantastic the rest of the little vacation and didn't complain once.  He never touched his stitches, didn't even act like anything was different.  He's probably the most amazing kid I've ever known.  I love his spirit and attitude.

I can imagine someone out there rolling their eyes saying I'm ridiculous.  And maybe I am.  Maybe that's what first time parents do.  And yes I know that having your baby look like a Frankenstein for a few weeks is nothing compared to all the kids that are dying every day in Africa, or are suffering with a terminal illness.  My baby is healthy and I thank God every day for that.  It's just scary when you realize that no matter what you do or how careful you are that bad things are still going to happen.  You just have to trust.  

Ironically on our drive home from the suite, there was a major storm brewing but afterwards there was the most beautiful rainbow coming out of the gray clouds.  I'd never seen one so beautiful with every color so wide and visible.  In my thoughts, the words "I'll protect Rory" were as clear as any other thought I'd had all day.  It was amazing and inspirational.  I love how God's always right there.  He immediately gave me the opportunity to have faith and trust when just four days later Rory fell down at home onto his chin re-splitting it,  I hated that.  I really did.  I hate that there is pain out there, I hate that my precious little man has to endure any of it.  But with out pain or scars, What is there?  Constant Utopia?  No reason ever to trust?  God has plans for Rory.  He's going to protect him.  I'll remember that the next time he gets hurt.  I'll probably still freak out, but I'll remember.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

20 Months is a Not a Wrap

As one of the most independent toddlers I've dealt with I really shouldn't have been surprised when Rory found a pillow at Ms. Anna's house and fell asleep on the floor.  But I was.  As you all know Rory never sleeps at home without being wrapped up in his swaddle wraps.

The next day at nap time, he told Anna by a series of pointing signals that he didn't want to sleep in the crib.  He wanted to go back to his pillow on the floor.  Which he did.  He fell asleep in minutes.  Again, I was shocked.  

That night we decided to change our bedtime routine slightly.  We skipped the zip-a-dee-zip swaddle.  We skipped the second blanket swaddle and we went right to the prayer.  

"Dead God, I pray for peace for this little guy," Kim says.  "Let him sleep peacefully and grow to love you in his life."

"God," Rory says.  (Although it sounds more like gaaah.)

"Yes, God!" Kim says.  "Daddy keep going."

"We thank you for our blessing you have given us.  Please protect Rory while he sleeps and everyday.  Amen."

Then we sing the good night song.

"Good night, Dear Rory.  It's time to take your rest.  Lay your sweet head upon the savior's chest.  We all love you, yeah.  But Jesus loves you best.  So say - goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.  Rory-roo."

Finally, we lay the blanket down over him and put his army of stuffed animals around him.  He smiles and we exit the room.  

After about a half hour with no whining or sounds at all.  We realize that Rory has actually achieved sleep without any sort of wrap.  It might not sound like much but this milestone is huge for us as the parents.  That little bugger was getting so heavy to lift and wrap up.  We are praising the Lord with trumpet sound up in here.  Life just keeps getting better.  Although to be fair, Rory's independent streak has caused a few upsets here and there.  But I think that's a story for another time.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I Blame My Wife...

I have to say that I blame my wife for all of the ridiculous things Rory has been doing lately.  Sure, the naysayers will tell me that he is just a toddler that acts as if he receives two IV's full of sugar every few hours.  My own mother fears that he may be hyperactive, but then again she deliberately snuck him Trix cereal with all of their bright colored dyes when she knows we feed him all organic.  I digress I am getting slightly off task here. Bottom line.  I promise you that my wife is teaching him bad behaviors.  It's just simple.  I blame her.  You will too.

Ever since Rory was a little tyke, our morning routine was the same.  I would wake him up.  He'd give me a big hug and lay his little curl-head on my shoulder.  Then I'd give him his bottle/cup of milk and he'd seize the day in style.  Now, ever since Spring Break when Mama took the morning shift Rory can't leave his crib without bringing, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey, Minnie, Animal and every blanket he can fit into his arms.  Most times he'll try to grab the binkie too.  If you try and take him to the kitchen to get his milk without the prescribed stuffed animal collection, fits will ensue.  These are only satisfied when you put him down, and he runs back to get whatever item he feels you should have grabbed in the first place. Everyone give my wife a hand.

In another effort to give our child more independence, Kim tasks Rory with throwing away pieces of garbage, including his organic milk cartons.  It's great in a sense, because now he knows the difference between throwing away things that are actually garbage and Kim's measuring cup collection can breathe a sigh of relief.  On the not so happy side, he now wants to throw away his milk carton at every single filling, whether its empty or not.  If you don't hand the carton to him, he will throw a big ole fit, although it is quite humorous trying to watch him lug the heavy carton across the kitchen.  When it's full we have to let him put the carton back in the fridge which involves us needing to pick up the chunky monkey.

After the carton is safely back to where it needs to be, Rory will drink his milk and then throw his cup into the sink.  I mean, this is slightly better than when he used to just launch it across the room after he was finished.  I guess that was one nice thing she taught him.  She's also reminding me that she taught Rory how to put his binkie into a pouch, how to put his shoes in his dresser after we free his feet from their confinement, and how to put Bella in her Pet Resort.  (And also climb in there with her)

I have to say after thinking on all of the awesome things Rory's doing now, the minor stubborn moments are pretty much worth it.  Watching him open and close the garage door every day and still be excited about it is amazing.  Seeing his face light up when he fills Bella's dog bowl is heartwarming.  Everything is so exciting for him and I should be excited he loves his routines and jobs.   Everyone loves a great work ethic!

I complain, because it's human nature.  But honestly, I couldn't be happier.  Oh, and if you're wondering.  Yes.  I still blame my wife.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nothing says Easter like...

  Easter morning started unlike any other morning.  First of all we thanked God for the the gift of His son and then Kim immediately started crashing pots together in the kitchen.  

"You couldn't even wait until 6:30?" I ask.
"We have to get started.  So much to do today!  Now are you making the lemon meringue pie or am I?
"I am," I say pulling myself out of the amazingly comfortable sheets.  

At some point between the boiling of the egg yolks and the constant stirring Rory woke up.  He had a blast running all over the house, hand signaling for milk, and then tap dancing with the dog right under my feet.  
 Kim was spouting off directives more to herself than anyone else when Rory somehow managed to unhinge his diaper.  It fell to the floor in the way only a morning diaper can.  

"Oh my gosh!" Kim cries her corn shuck-clad fingers stopping for a mere moment.  "It's only pee.  Do you think that I should get him a new diaper right this second or can he wait a few minutes?"
"I don't know," I say.  "I think it should be fine.  I read somewhere that diaperless babies usually don't feel comfortable peeing...and or maybe it was something about potty training and running around diaperless.  Meh.  I don't really remember.  Either way, he should be okay for a few seconds."
"Well okay," Kim sighs.  "Rory, go throw your diaper in the garbage."  

  He quickly runs over to the garbage and discards his diaper inside.  (Yeah, he has progressed from throwing anything he feels like away to throwing things away on command.  We're so proud.)

  Just mere seconds later Rory squats down right under the kitchen sink and takes a crap.  I mean, there's no way to candy coat it.  Little brown pebbles just start dropping onto the tile floor.  (Thank GOD for tile floors) and a little squirt of lemonade to top it all off, because, well why not?
"Kim quick!  He's pooping!"
"What?" she gasps, husks in her curly red hair.  
  "I can't stop stirring or I'd get him myself!  You gotta do it!  I am not letting this lemon stuff burn!  I can't ruin Easter!"

And I didn't.  The pie turned out great, the tile floor was easily cleaned and we had a house full of friends who enjoyed the feast.  I think the best thing is that I have a new catchphrase and a great memory for as long as I can remember it.

The Search Is Over...Lemon Meringue Pie

Nothing says Easter like God's gift, lemon meringue pies, and taking a poop on the kitchen floor.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Starts with a Bang!

  New Year's Eve was quite anticlimactic as Kim and I both fell asleep at 11:40.  We were just way too tired to stay up the extra twenty minutes. However, we rang in the New Year with Grandpop-o and Hailmony who flew down on the first, to help us celebrate Kim's birthday a little bit early.  And more importantly for them to spend time with Rory.

   It is always so nice seeing grandparents since we generally only get up North about once a year.  Grandpop-o and Hailmony rushed through our front door, hugging us all quickly before they scooped Rory up into their arms.  They sang to him.  They danced for him.  They came bearing gifts for him.  And Rory loved every second.  Until he got tired.

  The next morning we discovered that the two grandparents were on a special diet.


"Oh yeah," Grandpop-o says, "We aren't eating any carbs.  I'm losing so much weight."
  "Me too," Hailmony smiles, shoving a handful of cheerios in her mouth.
  "You know cheerios have carbs, right?"  Kim says,
  "Yes.  But it's just my little snack," Hailmony nods, offering some to Rory who also shoves a fistful into his face. 
  "Cheerios are one of his favorite things." I say.  "You're going to have a friend for life now."

  And it was true.  Rory and Hailmony were thick as thieves.  They laughed and inhaled vast amounts of cheerios together.  Grandpop-o also got lots of Rory time,  They even bought him his first bike.  A little radio flyer.  (Once he figure out how to ride it correctly it will be adorable.) but he also got occasional grump looks that seemed to come out of nowhere.

"This is your curse pop," Kim says.  "You always told everyone that Rory was the grumpy one and now it's come to haunt you.
  "Well he was," Grandpop-o says.
  "No he wasn't," 
  Grandpop-o looks to Rory with a smile.  "How's my buddy?"
  Rory gives him a grumpy glare.
  Hailmony cracks up laughing and swats Grandpop-o. "Don't look at him!"
  She shoves a cheerio in Rory's mouth.  
  "How come he loves her and not me?" Grandpop-o says. 

  But the truth is they had a wonderful time together.  They played together at the beach, went for a walk, and played a little bit in the waves.  It's so awesome to see the change in Rory now that he's becoming more aware of who the people around him are.  His reactions are so priceless.  I wish I could film every second so I don't miss any of them.

I was told that I missed a few because Grandpop-o and Rory were getting up early to go running in the mornings  I have to say I wish I could be as dedicated to running and healthy eating, but I'm not quite at that point yet I guess.  Even at the restaurants Grandpop-o would order things without bread, or buns, etc..

"I'll get a burger, with no bun and no ketchup.  We are on a carb and sugar free diet.  Mayo is okay though.  Thank you," Grandpop-o says,
"And I'll get a cheeseburger on sourdough with ketchup and mustard.  Also hot sauce if you have any," Hailmony says popping a cheerio in her mouth.  Rory's too.
"It doesn't sound like you are doing the diet," I say to Hailmony.  
"She cheats!" Grandpop-o says.  
"I'm a good cheater!" she says nodding her head,

  Before they flew back to Mass, we spent the day at Sea World.  It's a little known fact that Rory loves watching the fish in my tank at school.  He can stare at them for minutes upon minutes.  I couldn't wait to see what he'd do when he saw all of the fish, dolphins, and sharks in the park.  I was right.  He loved all of it and just like when we have to pull him away from the tank at school, he didn't want to leave the fish at the Sea World exhibits either.  We did have to eventually pull him away though and the same goes for the grandparents.  We had to say goodbye and that's always hard.  Until next time Grandpop-o and Hailmony!  We already miss you!

P.S.  I know you didn't want to have to search Facebook for the pictures Grandpop-o, but that's about all I know how to do.