Tuesday, April 21, 2015

20 Months is a Not a Wrap

As one of the most independent toddlers I've dealt with I really shouldn't have been surprised when Rory found a pillow at Ms. Anna's house and fell asleep on the floor.  But I was.  As you all know Rory never sleeps at home without being wrapped up in his swaddle wraps.

The next day at nap time, he told Anna by a series of pointing signals that he didn't want to sleep in the crib.  He wanted to go back to his pillow on the floor.  Which he did.  He fell asleep in minutes.  Again, I was shocked.  

That night we decided to change our bedtime routine slightly.  We skipped the zip-a-dee-zip swaddle.  We skipped the second blanket swaddle and we went right to the prayer.  

"Dead God, I pray for peace for this little guy," Kim says.  "Let him sleep peacefully and grow to love you in his life."

"God," Rory says.  (Although it sounds more like gaaah.)

"Yes, God!" Kim says.  "Daddy keep going."

"We thank you for our blessing you have given us.  Please protect Rory while he sleeps and everyday.  Amen."

Then we sing the good night song.

"Good night, Dear Rory.  It's time to take your rest.  Lay your sweet head upon the savior's chest.  We all love you, yeah.  But Jesus loves you best.  So say - goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.  Rory-roo."

Finally, we lay the blanket down over him and put his army of stuffed animals around him.  He smiles and we exit the room.  

After about a half hour with no whining or sounds at all.  We realize that Rory has actually achieved sleep without any sort of wrap.  It might not sound like much but this milestone is huge for us as the parents.  That little bugger was getting so heavy to lift and wrap up.  We are praising the Lord with trumpet sound up in here.  Life just keeps getting better.  Although to be fair, Rory's independent streak has caused a few upsets here and there.  But I think that's a story for another time.

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