Sunday, September 27, 2015

Always Have To Steal My Kisses From You

  Well let's be honest.  Daddy doesn't have to.  It's Mama who has to steal her kisses from you.  She got so upset at first because she used to think that it meant that you didn't love her.  She is quite dramatic, isn't she?  I personally love the little games you play with her.  It feels like something I would do too, but since you do it, I can just sit back and laugh.  And trust me.  I do.

  You get really funny right at bedtime after we pray to God.  You'll point at the sky and tap each of our hearts (even the dogs, if she's in the room) because you have learned that God is always in our hearts.  Then we'll sing our good night song and you are so good at singing the words back.  Of course you don't know all of them yet but you sure have the " say goodnight, goodnight, goodnight Rory-Roo!" part down pat. 

I have to tell you it's one of our favorite parts of the day, and not just because we finally get a moment to relax, but you're just more precious than anyone I feel ever really expresses to their children.  I just want you to know that Mama and Daddy think you are the most amazing guy ever.

After we sing Mama demands her goodnight kisses.  You'll lean over to Daddy and give him a kiss and then you'll lean to Mama and just as she's about to kiss you, you'll jerk your head back to Daddy and give him a kiss.  Then back to Mama and just before she can kiss you, you'll jerk your head back to Daddy.  We all crack up, even you.  You're a certified ham.

Sidenote:  Mama will probably like you to know that 1 out of every 7 days, you will reverse roles and make Daddy beg for kisses.  These are Mama's favorite days. 

Sidenote 2:  One night Mama was so excited that you were going to give her kisses she almost danced for joy and just as you kissed her you stuck your tongue out and licked her.  When we all laughed you continued to lick people that night. 

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