Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

   As soon as Rory wakes up in the morning and Mommy and Daddy's 5:30 workout is over; Rory in his sweet little voice will ask  for "Milk.  Milk.  Milk." and "Mickey Mooouuuse."  It's just like clockwork.  Everyday.  We don't let him watch very much TV with us at home.  Usually just an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the morning and one before bed.  And that's because getting ready for work with a 2 year old is not very easy.  But he likes it, he's two, and I think Kenny Rogers said it best "Ya gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em."

But I'm getting off task: Since Rory is so obsessed with his little group of Disney Critters, Mimi Kay has always had a special place in her heart for Dumbo, and because it's Fall (and we really just love Fall) we decided to surprise Rory and Mimi Kay and take them to Disney World for Mickey's Not So Scary Party!

It was hard to keep the secret considering we were dressing up as the cast of the Wizard of Oz, but we told Mimi we were going to Old Town and there was a special costume event happening.  She ate it up with a spoon.  Never questioned anything.  But once we passed underneath the Disney World Arches, Mimi almost fainted in the backseat.  "IS THIS FOR REAL?  WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?  I'M SO HAPPY!"

And I have to admit the whole experience was totally magical.  Rory was so into it from the very first moment when we saw the "Mickey Mouse Pumpy".   Everything was so exciting to him, which of course made it even more exciting for me!  Walking down the streets toward Cinderella's castle was    awesome.  Kids and adults were dressed up in Halloween costumes and milling all around.  I especially enjoyed all of the Cast Members commenting on just how amazing we looked.  One even asked me if I needed a match.  (I was the Scarecrow, so I politely told him no.)  But let's be real, the tiny Cowardly Lion stole the show.  Everyone stopped and stared as he walked by.  And walk he did.  He literally strutted around the entire park from 5pm until Midnight; only sitting in his stroller during the Halloween Parade. 

  We rode the Pirates ride right away and went trick or treating at all the stops.  We met up with our long lost Tinman, Katie, and stood in some delightfully inclement weather waiting for the parade to start.  It was a little cold but actually okay because while everyone went to hide under shelter, we just strolled ourselves to the best spot right on the curb and waited.  The rain eventually stopped and the parade was spectacular!  Rory lit right up and started waving to Pluto, who was leading the parade in a matching lion outfit.  Pluto AKA "Tuto" came right up to Rory and gave him a high five.  Rory was ecstatic!  I tried to get a good picture but I was not in the best position to get Rory's face in the shot.  Snow White also showed up and said hello to Rory, along with a bunch of other characters Rory doesn't really know very well.  He thought it was fun and entertaining, but it was when "ChipDale" came up and fist bumped Rory, I thought Rory was going to climb out of the stroller and join the parade.  He was in literal awe!   Every moment of standing in the rain was worth it to see the joy on that kid's face.  Kim says that Rory must feel like he's in an episode of Mickey Mouse Club House, because all of his friends are here waving at him and giving him high fives. 

One of the coolest things we got to do was meet some of Rory's favorite characters.  We decided to start with Goofy AKA "Fooey" because that's Rory's number one.  And when we got in line and Rory saw him from afar he couldn't stop grinning.  He pointed and told us that Fooey was right up ahead.
  "Yes we all see him, Ror!"
  It was so stinking cute and Rory might tend to perseverate slightly but man it was epic!  When we got up to Goofy I put Rory down and he wasn't quite sure what to do.  Perhaps he was a tiny bit nervous by this overly tall guy, but once we told him it was okay to give "Fooey" a hug he lunged into his arms and we got some fun pictures.  He kept staring at "Fooey" completely mesmerized.  When we said goodbye, Rory bolted back for one last high five and kept repeating, "Bye Fooey, Bye Fooey.  Bye Fooey."  I had to pick him up and carry him away.  Yes.  We were those people and I loved every second of it.

We also met Daisy, Donald and Minnie, dressed in their Halloween Best.  At this point, Rory was in all his glory, hugging them, holding their hands, and just loving every moment!  Clearly what Disney World is all about, but more than that it got me thinking.  Remembering all of those things I already know about life.  It's too fast.  It's way to easy to get busy or tired and let the little things pass by and make a choice to flop down on the couch and watch a show, instead of writing a blog entry about the things your little guy is doing now.  Life happens way too fast and we all have choices on how we want to spend it.  I want to enjoy every moment to the fullest.  I don't want to be distracted from the important things.     

After meeting the characters, Mimi got her wish and she rode with Rory on Dumbo.  As we were gliding through the night sky the fireworks show at Cinderella's Castle began and we soared among the exploding colors.  While Daddy, Mommy, and Mimi went on the Haunted Mansion ride, Rory and Katie flew on Peter Pan and rode the Carousel.  Rory chose a blue horse.  (I'm writing that for my dad's sake.  He thinks fake horses should be traditional colors.  I know right?  Creativity killer much?  Just kidding Dad.  Sort of.)

Right before Midnight as we walked up to the castle for the final showing of Hocus Pocus, Rory asked to be picked up.  I did and he gave me a lethargic little look and then his head fell forward.  He immediately picked it back up and looked at me again as if asking what we were going to do next. 

"It's okay baby," I told him.  "You did a good job.  You can lay your head down on my shoulder now and go to sleep now."

And he did.  Immediately. 

Thank you Disney World!  It was one of the most fun events we've done in a while.

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