Monday, December 29, 2014

You Want What Now?

  Yesterday I had the chance to visit a friend I haven't seen in ten years.  It was really exciting to see her and introduce my family to her, considering the last time we'd seen each other was when we were in our super young twenties and I was working as a camp counselors and she was one of the illustrious and very famous horse wranglers.  Oh the carefree days.      
   Rory was all smiles of course until we sat down and then found a  red-headed temper, which I'm assuming most independent toddlers who haven't started using a lot of words yet experience.  He just kept getting mad about everything and wasn't able to tell us what was wrong.  His cup wasn't good enough.  The binky wasn't working.  The puffs were okay between huge sobs.  My friend Mary and her friend Nikki were gracious through the whole ordeal.  Of course they are both teachers so they understand.  This is kind of what we dedicate our lives too, so dealing with kid drama is just an every day occurrence for us pros.  But even so, all the non-people at our table kept glancing over waiting for us to shut the kid up.  Luckily, this is one thing I really don't have a problem with at restaurants.  I just figure most people have had kids before and they can deal with a little crying to help them reminise and also mostly because Rory is so good usually and never causes a fuss.  But this communication gap has been a very big issue lately and it's hard to figure out what to do with all these temper tantrums caused by lack of communication.
   We are however very lucky for the fact that he knows a lot of visual and hand cues so he can tell us when he's hungry or when he wants more.  He's starting to learn 'please', but the one thing he couldn't tell us yesterday during our lunch at Chilies was that the milk we ordered for him tasted like watered down skim milk that has been processed through a leaky faucet in a run down slum.  I found out this little factor when I tried it and almost gagged, but let me tell you this really made him mad that he just couldn't find a way to tell us why he was so mad.  I'm praying that he will be able to start putting some words together in the next few months.  That would help a lot!  We were slightly saved by grace when the meal came and he was able to drown himself in ketchup.  Yeah.  Don't judge me,  He likes dipping things but even more than that he just likes the ketchup.  Go figure.  Food is the bridge.  Hmm a very unhealthy bridge.  Please God, let him start talking soon!  

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