Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Adventure Continues

I remember having the idea for this blog four years ago when we were endlessly waiting through an uncomfortably hot summer for our little baby boy to make his grand August appearance.  As teachers, there isn't a lot going on at that time and we figured writing about our adventures would be a great way to pass those endless five weeks.  Plus, all of our family was so far away that it was a small way to let them be involved in our daily life.  The blog was an instant hit with family and friends and I kept it going strong throughout the first year of Rory's life.  I thought I might publish it one day so Rory could always look back at his zany parent's take on the first year of his life.

But, as all parents know, when that sweet little infant starts transitioning into toddlerhood, fatigue and straight up exhaustion take over.  The blog suffered because of it, but my life couldn't be any fuller.  I mean, there's way more messes, and tantrums. (Kim and Rory) There's also so much laughter and happiness, how can you even describe it?  Possibly only in a delirious state.  Sure, I'm always tired and sticky and not allowed to poop by myself, but I sincerely love being a father and can't think of a more important or rewarding job.

I personally never understood how fully capable I could be to truly love some one else.  Not when like many, my childhood was stained with trauma.  But then there's the moment when you actually become a father and you see your beautiful child and your life is instantly different... those things that hold you back, those traumas, they  have to be put to rest.  How could anything in this world ever be more important to hold on to than that tiny little human?   Fatherhood for me is brilliant and amazing but also a metamorphosis.  Healing and transforming.          

And so, here we are again, as the end of our school year approaches and my wife and I find ourselves expecting another little boy in August, I thought perhaps I'd brush the dust off the ole keyboard and start writing again.  Lord knows, we're not doing much or going very far with a pregnant woman in her last trimester.  There's also the fact that the blog entries will get even funnier this time around, what with my natural wit, and all of the comedic gold that spews from an almost four year old's mouth at any given moment.  Already Rory wonders if  he can teach "our baby" how to crawl and he even tells our babysitter that she needs to teach him how to change diapers so he can be prepared for his baby brother.

Here's to life never being the same again.  Can't wait to continue the adventure.      


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