Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I've never been a needy person.  In fact, at times I used to prefer being a lone wolf.  Sure, I'd wander back into the herd when there was going to be a party or everyone was going to hang out or something, but now I can only vaguely remember the days when I used to be able to chill out by myself with for hours upon hours just watching movies, reading books or writing. 

This week has thrown me back into that old life if only for a few days.  Kim and Rory flew up north because sadly Rory's Great Grandma passed away.  We know she went to be with the Lord, but we still grieve for her.  I was disappointed that I wasn't able to go with them, and also quite depressed to be here by myself.  We will miss Great Grandma! 

In an attempt to curb the depression, Kim says most people would be happy to have a couple days off, but not having the little Ror-ster or my wife nearby has been crazier than you'd think.  Who knew I'd nuzzle into a pack so deeply that I'd hate to be away for even a couple days? 

It sure has surprised me!  Not just this instance in particular, because my omega wolf complex has been slowly crumbling away over the years.  With getting married and having Rory, I'm completely different.  Totally changed.  Alpha.

Just sitting here typing this feels strange in itself, because no little baby is needing attention right now.  My formidable scrabble partner isn't prancing around the house or reading a book in the bedroom, or even asking me to put something away because she can't reach.  I'm not distracted, and that in itself is distracting me. It's too quiet. 

Unless something moves outside that is, and Bella goes all ninja on the blinds.     

I miss you guys!  I can't wait for you to come back.  I think I'll go howl at the moon now.

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