Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sick Baby!!!

Rory got his first major illness last Thursday.  Droopy eyes.  Cough city.   Snotty nose.  What can you do except feel horrible for your precious little guy?   Not to mention fret like a wildebeest because it's so super scary. 

When your happy go lucky baby is coughing until he throws up, that's when I ask for help.  In addition to praying for him, I took Rory to the baby doctor and she came up with a diagnosis of Bronchitis.  I could tell she was a little worried about it.

The little monkey fell asleep in my arms while we waited for them to set up a breathing treatment.   He was a little better afterwards and they suggested renting a nebulizer and gave us a prescription for the medicines for the treatments and a steroid that would help him. 

They also gave me a card with a medical supply store where I could pick up the nebulizer.  I called Kim on the way to the store to tell her about Rory's diagnosis and told her I'd get back to her after getting the nebulizer.    

If it wasn't freaked out enough, after arriving at the medical supply store and finding it to be an empty building with a couple of boxes stacked in a corner I decided to call them and explain that their place of business appeared to have been robbed of everything inside.

"Oh yes, well we are no longer in your city, you can come to our other location in Vero."
"That's nice, it's an hour and twenty minutes away."
"Okay, well bye," the nasal woman said.

I called Kim. who was still at school and I informed her that by no means were we  going to be able to get a nebulizer in town. 

"That's really strange," Kim says,  "I was telling the ladies on our team about Rory having bronchitis and KC was literally just returning a nebulizer to Amanda that the two shared whenever their girls got sick.  Like, it was literally in her hands.  Amanda just smiled at me and said, 'you'll probably need this.'"

I about fell over.  How does God always know what we need exactly when we need it?  I mean, I shouldn't be surprised really.  He's God after all and He takes care of the birds and clothes the flowers, and I know that he loves his children even more than those! 

Sidenote:  After a few days with the treatments he is feeling MUCH better!

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