Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wisconsin Dells Duck Tours!

This wasn't our first Duck tour!  We've ridden down the bustling streets of Pittsburg on what the Pittsburgers call Duckie Tours, (I still can't get myself to call the manly WWII vehicles duckies, but I digress.)   sailed through the Boston Harbor where the infamous tea party once took place, and now we were about to take in the magnificent view of the splendid dells which are only found in four places around the world.  Kim had never been on the Wisconsin Ducks and Rory had no clue what was about to happen. 

Needless to say Rory loved speeding through town, the wind blowing his hair all over the place.  Our first amphibious landing was in Lake Delton where our tour guide led us through the fold with lame duck jokes and spectacular splashes.  We heard all kinds of fun history, although I've heard it many times before. 

Our second splash into the water took us into the Wisconsin River where we got a close up encounter with the spectacular dells. 

"Those rocks are cool!" Kim says.  "I've never seen them before."
"I know!" I say.  "They are awesome sauce!"
"You can only see them in four places in the world!" the duck driver says, "One of which is Upstate New York."
"Yeah, I think I've seen them before!" Kim says.
"Huh?  You just said you haven't ever seen them before."
"I don't even know," Kim says waving her hand in front of her face.

Rory was mesmerized as we sailed at a subtle 6 miles an hour through the water.  He had no idea what to think about anything.  He just loved watching the water lap up at the side of the duck.  He also loved grabbing the peoples hair in front of us and screaming like a madman.  Grandpa and Grandma were also very excited to experience the joy in Rory's eyes during this new crazy adventure!  It was so much fun, that Grandpa almost forgot he had to pay to get on the Ducks.  Almost.

"Hey!!!" Grandma shouts.  "That was so fun!  Do you guys wanna go ziplining next?"
"No!!!" Grandpa shouts back.  "It's probably like 700 bucks."
"Oh Grandpa," everyone chuckles.

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