Thursday, November 14, 2013

Forecast Today: Sunny With a Chance of Smiles!

I have to just say it!  I love my baby's smile!  There's really nothing else I need to say in this blog.  His smile makes everything better.  I can wipe away the day's stress by looking at Rory.    I can find complete joy in just watching him smile at me. 

Even when he's screaming and whining and belly aching, because of his literal belly ache I can manage to get him to smile .  I can pick him up and promise him that his batch of brownie mix will be ready soon.  He doesn't know what I'm saying of course but as he's screaming because he doesn't feel good, he can still find my eyes and pull an enormous smile out, just for me.  (It's not a gas smile either.  I know the difference.)

Of course he'll remember soon that even though he can see my face and know he's safe, he still doesn't feel good and the pain will come back.   But  how amazing is that?  How can I love this little guy that I've only known for 3 months, SOOO much? 

My father-in-law, Grandpop-o, as you might remember, doesn't think Rory's smiles are actually real.  He thinks they are just random twitches in his grumpy exterior, because who can make a grump face for 10 hours straight.  Kim tells him that she will kick his butt for saying such things, but I laugh it off because I know my son.  I have seen him smile and laugh.  Sure, he's dramatic like his mother and I, and he may go through a range of 15 emotions all at once, but he's definitely a happy little guy and we are definitely happy parents!

Wait I'm getting off topic.  I was literally only going to write a one sentence blog tonight.  The point was:   I love his smile!

Do you really think that this was a twitch in a grumpy exterior, G-pop-o? 
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