Sunday, November 17, 2013

Goodbye for Now Grammy Kay!


I can't believe in just four short days Grammy Kay is going back to Wisconsin after such a wonderful couple months here with us in Florida.  I know that we have all really enjoyed having her here.  Rory especially has loved his time getting to know Grammy.  Grammy Kay would claim that they share a special language that only the two of them are in on.  I personally think they are just seriously silly together and I get a kick out of watching them interact. 

Grammy Kay was the first one to get Rory to smile and laugh.  She also got to see Rory roll over for the first time.  I know she's loved it all and is devastated she has to leave but the timing isn't right and as much as she doesn't want to, it's really the only option right now. 

She worries that Rory will forget about her, and I don't know when babies start to remember things but I am sure deep down Rory will always remember Grammy Kay and her wild antics.  How could he forget the five hundred faces she makes in the span of 15 seconds?  Or all of the winter hats she made for him.  There's no way he would forget watching and dodging Grammy Kay's Little Rascal Motor Cart at Sam's Club.  (Which we still can't figure out why she opted to ride in it.  We feared for our lives.)

We love you Grammy Kay and we appreciate all you did for us!

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