Wednesday, November 6, 2013


  Change is hard.  Most people run away when they hear the word change.  Some people try to ignore it with humor, some people use sarcasm, and even other people ask it to try again later.  I, like many, hate it!  It's a hassle, you have to cope with new strategies to achieve the same goals.  Everything becomes brand new again.  It's not fun!

Current Earthquakes:

As some of you know, Grammy Kay is going back to Wisconsin at Thanksgiving and staying there.  It's sad because I know that I will miss having her around to talk to and laugh with... or at.  (I could write a blog solely based on her.)  It's been so great though for Grammy to spend quality time with Rory, and he absolutely adores her!  She can get him to smile at the drop of a hat.  She literally drops a hat like it's hot and he starts giggling and laughing.  We did find a fantastic babysitter to fill in for her, but not seeing Grammy Kay every day is going to be sad.  He won't know what to do, because his new baby sitter is not going to act like a crazy one woman act juggling binkies, making videos, and using five hundred different voice tones in said video.

Rory rolled over for the first time yesterday!  It's amazing and also proof that he is getting bigger and older and I can hardly believe it.  Less than three months ago, he was brand new and so tiny I worried I was going to squish him.  Now he's rolling over and laughing and only waking up once in the middle of the night.  I don't want him to grow up so fast!  I want to embrace this season of his newborn-ness.  I find myself looking at toddlers and my first graders and I think, Holy Crap!  Rory is going to be this age someday!   He is going to walk around and say funny words, and try to crawl in other baby's car seats.  He's going to run around at recess pretending to be a zombie or a vampire and tell his first grade teacher all kinds of things that his first grade teacher does not need to know!

But you know change isn't always bad.  In fact, a lot of good things have come from the changes.  I mean, Rory is the biggest blessing Kim and I have ever known.  We can't even imagine never having had him.  Change helps you grow! 

Would I be the person I am today without the changes that I've endured?  Could I be as compassionate of a husband without knowing how perfect true love with the right person is?  Could I know as fully the kind of love God feels when he looks at me, if I was never able to look at Rory as a father?  Would my mom have ever learned that the only way to kill a zombie in ANY form of zombie movie, show, video game is through a headshot without having lived with us for a couple months?  (and be excited about having figuring that out?)   Change can be good.  It can feel like you are being ripped apart by a tornado, but it can be good.


A lot of my friends have mentioned that they thought I would have changed more since becoming a father.  I sort of see what they are saying if they are only noticing my wit,  because lets just face it, people don't stop being funny.  And yes I still sing all the time, because let's face it, my mom let me watch the Sound of Music when I was little and I was never the same since.  But at the same time, they sort of don't have their eyes as wide open as they think they do.  I've grown exponentially since having moved to Florida.  Even more so, since becoming a father.  For one, I'm always tired. Two, I love this little guy so much.  When he smiles because he sees his daddy walk into the room, how can that not melt your heart? 

Yeah, change isn't always that bad.

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