Saturday, February 8, 2014

This is Our Life Now

If you know me at all , you know I am constantly singing some little diddy.  Most of the time they are homemade and highly obnoxious to my wife.  What she won't tell you is, that the only reason it's obnoxious is because she picks up the tune and starts singing along.   Then it stays in her head for hours.  I guess I should write commercial jingles. 

Kim: Oh I'll tell people that.  It's annoying. They are in my head all day and I start singing them and then I don't know why I'm doing it.  (edited in upon proofreading)

The most recent jingle I've made up is a simple five word masterpiece that drives her up the wall.  Although I'm not sure if it's the song or the timing.

"This is our life now," I sing as Rory is in a crying fit. 
"Will you stop singing that song?"  Kim shouts.
"This is our life!" I continue.

"This is our life now," I sing as I get up at 3 A.M. to a crying baby.
"Stop!" Kim whines.
"Oh, I see you really were awake," I say.  "Were you just laying there pretending to be asleep waiting for me to get annoyed with the crying first?"
"Yes," she grunts.
"Me too!" I say.  "You win this battle!"

"This is our life now!" I sing as Rory cries in-between every bite of his green beans.
"You are really making me mad with that song.  You make it sound like everything is horrible."
"Umm aren't you listening to the words?  I'm just stating the obvious.  And I also sing the song when he does good things too."
"No you don't!" Kim shouts picking up a pitchfork.
"Yes, I do.  You just tune me out 80 percent of the time now.  I sang just the other day when he lifted his whole body up off the ground.  You were laughing and hee-hawing so hard you didn't hear my magic voice.  And the other day when you and Rory were cuddling on the couch I sang as well."
"Oh," Kim says, "I don't believe you but I'll give you this one because I don't remember anything past five minutes ago."

"Dear lord Rory!  What did you eat for dinner?  Kim! He took a poop that looks like it came from a water buffalo!"
 "Well," Kim smirks, "This is our life now.  And it's your turn to change him."

I guess I had that coming.

Comic by Bitstrips

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