Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wife Can Also Sing Annoying Songs...

The weekday routine goes as follows:

 6:00-   Kim's alarm goes off. 

    She sits there until 6:10 looking at her phone until it goes off again.  Then she gets into the shower.

  My alarm goes off twice but it always manages to turn off while she's in the shower.

    6:30-   Kim yells at me to get up. 

    6:35- Kim tells me again we really need to get moving.  She might say something like, "If you don't get moving, we won't have time for Dunkin Donuts."

  6:37 - I get up and wake up the baby.  We laugh.  We change his diaper.  We wipe him with one of those eco-friendly smells really good baby wipes.  I dress him.  I come out and put him in his high chair.
  6:42-  I take a shower while Kim feeds him his banana cereal and bottle.

  6:59- As I step out of the shower, I listen as Kim sings her burping song to Rory.  EVERY DAY!

      Tune of: I'm a Little Teapot.

    "Burp for your mommy, burp today!   
      Burp for your mommy, in the burping way.
      Burp for your daddy, burp for your dog.
      Burp cause you're a baby polliwog!"


   Hmmm.  I wonder if Rory is going to be a singer/songwriter as well...  Or maybe just obnoxious like his caretakers. 

  I guess only time will tell.

Comic By Bitstrips


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