Friday, February 7, 2014

A Room of His Own

I'm sure you remember all of that time before Rory was born when we worked endlessly on his nursery.  It was one of the most fun pre-baby activities I've done, and I think it looks stellar!  I'm biased though.  Of course that was back when I had energy to do such things. 

Now almost 6 months after Rory's birth he is finally utilizing the room during the night hours.  It was hard making the transition from our bedroom to his own, but in the end it seems to be for the best.

He's been sleeping in his room for a week now and magically sleeping through the night.  If he wakes up at all, it's only once or twice because he wants his binky and apparently feels "lost" without it.  There were three nights however that he slept all the way through.  And you know what's weird?  I feel semi-human again!  I actually feel like I've gotten sleep and can get through my day without stopping at Dunkin Donuts.  (Although I try to pit stop there at least twice a week for my addictions sake.)

It's weird.  In some ways it seems like almost overnight he's not that helpless little baby anymore.  I mean sure he can't walk or talk yet, but he's rolling and pushing himself forward, lunging at empty bottles thinking there's more in there, communicating with intense eyes, laughing and smiling at us, and trying to ride our dog.  ( I may have started something with that.  Sorry Bella.)

Maybe I'm exaggerating the little things or the fact that he doesn't need to sleep in the same room with us anymore is making me sentimental. He's getting older and as tired as I am and as much work as it is, I still want him to stay as that small little baby that I can cuddle with in an exhausted heap on the couch.

Who knows?  I'm just enjoying every minute.  It's true what they say.  It's all happening so fast.

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