Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Wife Blogs Back Again as a Mommy!

Well my husband has once again trusted me to write a blog entry.  So this is from the mommy's point of view.

When I was pregnant, we got all kinds of advice about raising a child.  I eventually came up with several ideals about what I wanted for Rory. 

Josh, my ever supportive husband said, "Whatever you think dear.  That is your department."

But my Mom aka Grammy D. laughed and said, "You may think those things, but it might not go quite the way you plan it.  Things change when you have kids."

So here are some of my ideals while I was pregnant and the realities after having Rory.

#1  Childbirth:

Ideal - I was going to have natural childbirth.  I was determined to avoid a c-section at all costs.  I figured if my baby was breech that I would have the doctor turn him.

Reality - Rory was not breech, but his head was too big and I was too small.  So no matter what, there was no way for me to have him naturally.  I was so hesitant about this decision and many people questioned it.  I had the option to try natural and then if it didn't work have an emergency c-section.  I just had a feeling the doctor was right about the c-section.  I felt a bit vindicated when the doctor was closing me up and he told me that I would have ended up with a c-section if I had tried natural.  There just was no way around it. Next time  (when I talk Josh into child #2) I will not have a choice as I have to have C-sections now.

#2  Being a relaxed parent:

Ideal  - Josh and I did not want to freak out every time someone touched or held Rory.  We wanted to be easy going parents who protected but also know that it takes a village to raise a child - so here hold our baby.

Reality - Yes we are fairly relaxed.  We have allowed every child in our youth group who asked to hold Rory.  We do make them wash their hands, but who can blame us.  We are teachers and we do know where those hands have been - everywhere grimy and germy that you can imagine.  We love when our friends, family, and church family ask to hold him.  We do believe that it takes a village and we want Rory to be a friendly happy baby.  We haven't even said no to crazy Wal-Mart people who want to touch him (kissing him was a bit much, but she was like a great-grandma).

#3 Breastfeeding

Ideal - To breastfeed Rory for at least 6 months if not more.

Reality - I tried and tried, but couldn't get him to latch.  Part of the problem was that he was tongue-tied.   They could snip it but we were talking about my 1 week old baby.  I just couldn't handle doing it when he probably will outgrow it or that it may have no other impact on anything else.  So instead I pumped and pumped and pumped until after 7 weeks there just wasn't anymore.  This still makes me sad from time to time.

#4 Food

Ideal - To make Rory's first solid foods.

Reality - I love making Rory's food. I cook it, put it in the food processor, and freeze it.  It feels good to know exactly what my child is ingesting. 

So as you can see - I  am at 50%.  Grammy D was right - you just don't know how things will go being a parent the first time around.  You just have to be flexible and know that ultimately a happy smiling baby probably means you are doing okay. 

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