Monday, January 13, 2014

Does Your Baby Sleep Through the Night?

I swear this is the most common question at the present time.  Almost everyone is asking.  Here's how it usually goes down:

Random Person:  What a cute baby.  Is it a he or a she?
Josh's inner voice:  He's wearing a soccer shirt.  Let's use our context clues here.
Kim:  Yes, he's a boy.
Random Person:  Is he sleeping through the night yet?
Josh's inner voice:  HELL NO!!!!   He wakes upsevery few hours just to cry.  We put the binky in his mouth and he falls back asleep for a few more hours.
Kim:  Pretty much.  He just gets up a couple times.  It's his cold.  He's not sleeping as well with this cold.  He sneezes and knocks his binky out.  Tee hee!
Random Person:  Oh!  Well, my baby was sleeping through the night on his second night home from the hospital. It was so easy.  Well goodbye now.  Have a nice day.  Your baby is just so cute.
Josh:  Can you believe that?
Kim:  I know...she was totally judging me.
Josh:  What?!?!?!?

Comic by Bitstrips


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