Friday, January 17, 2014

Friends, Kids, and friends with Kids!

I'm seriously not kidding when I said Rory met over 50 people!  It was a crazy time, but oh so fun!  I don't think Rory had to sit down on his own the whole entire time.  I mean, who would want to put that cute little mug down. 

We met up with Kim's brother's kids on Christmas Day.  They really got a kick out of Rory.  It's so much fun trying to put his binky back into his mouth once it falls out.  Just ask Bobby and Kayla's youngest.  I think he even tried Rory's binky on for size.  I mean binky's are interchangeable right?

When we were in New York, we met up with my good friend CJ!  We met a few years go on a reality show.  She works with kids and so do I.  We had so much in common, plus we're nice.   So we immediately formed a fast alliance and have been good friends ever since.  Even though we didn't win the million dollars, the experience was enough.  We're "totally changed".

A couple days before New Year's we met up with Kim's high school friend Michelle and her family.  It's always a trip when you are with Michelle.  The first time I met her we went candle pin bowling, which if you don't know what that is, then you are definitely not from New England.  It's these little skinny pins that look like sticks and you get three miniature balls to throw down the lane at them.  Anyhow, the first time I met Michelle she was strutting her stuff and fell halfway down the lane.  She looked graceful even in a fall and got right back up and kept going.  That's Michelle!  We love her spirit!  Like I said, it's always a trip with Michelle!

In Mass we met up with Sing, another of Kim's high school friends and her three daughters!  They absolutely loved Rory!  He was so excited about all three youngin's he didn't know what to do!  Sing is super fun and her three girls are as well!  I always enjoy seeing Sing and listening to the fun things she has to say.  Her husband couldn't be with us because he's marinating off the coast of Antarctica on a special mission, AKA deliver supplies to scientist!  Sing had fun stuff to say about his trip. She's got such a unique perspective on everything.  She can make anything fun!  I love it!
We also met up with another of Kim's high school friends.  Holy cow, who has this many high school friends?  I don't think I kept in touch with very many of mine.  Maybe I'm the bad one.  Anyway Tanya is great!  She's that upfront, let me tell you how it is lady.  Her kids are extremely cute and well behaved!  She also is a ghost whisperer which she might not tell you until you've met her a few times, but I think that's pretty cool.  We are proud of her for braving the ghost attack in Port St. Lucie, the night before our wedding.  She looked extravagant and not like anyone up all night fighting off ghosts!  As for me, I prefer the spirits to just stay where they are.  Out of sight.  We got to see her sister too, and she's super sweet.
We just love our friends! 

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