Sunday, January 12, 2014

Part 2 b (Aunt Theresa's House!)

While we were also in New York, Rory got to meet a bunch of new family members.  I think 39 to be exact.   Kim's Aunt Theresa was kind enough to open her home to the hordes of family members flocking to the new baby, like zombies flocking to a fresh meal.   (Who knew Kim's family was so huge?  And this was just her father's side.)

A little background knowledge on Aunt Theresa:  She is the youngest of four, has a beautiful family, and is a HUGE fan of this blog.  She's referenced it a few times and told Kim she couldn't wait to meet Rory because then maybe she'd be featured in a blog.

Upon arriving at Aunt Theresa's house (which was a nice break from the HOT arrangements and Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's house) we were greeted by hugs and baby snatching.  It was quite like any other time we have visited somewhere with Rory, although this time at least we got a couple hugs as well.

"Take Pictures!" Kim says before we've even really sat down.
"Sure baby," I say.
"Wait," Aunt Theresa says fluffing up her hair. 
 "You know," her daughter Katie says, "she only dressed up because she knew she might be in your blog."
Aunt Theresa turns a shade of red, "What?  That's not true.  Don't you dare believe them.  Does my hair look okay?"

The family started pouring in and it was so awesome to see all of them again.  I'd met a few of them myself just one other time at our wedding and a few at Kim's brother's wedding.  The house was overflowing with family.

"You can sit here,"  I say.
"It's okay.  I can still get on the floor.  I haven't broke a hip yet," Aunt Theresa says.
I laugh.  "That's good."
"He is just such a good boy.  He has been laughing and smiling all day."
"I know," I say.  "Can you believe Grandpop-o calls him a grump?"
 "I'm going to have to talk that person who calls him a grump.  Oh my gosh!  I can't not look at him.  He is too cute!"

Despite all odds, we found someone who appreciated and "forced" us to talk about Walking Dead, Lost, and Once Upon a Time. 

 "Yep we do," Kim says. 
Erin continues to excitedly chat about all of the best things TV can offer and I happily indulge.   At some point, between sitting and standing and going to the bathroom and grabbing my second plate of food the conversation turns Freudian.

"Oh really?" I say.  "Are you talking about the Oedipus complex?"
Erin bobs her head.
"Wow," Aunt Theresa says, her chin on her fist.  "You guys watch the weirdest things."
"It's not a show mom, "Erin says, "It's Freud. 

Some of the family left and others showed up but the conversations just kept rolling.

"Yeah I got stalked in college." 
"What?" I say shocked.
"Yeah.  This guy knew I love pigs and he kept buying me pigs."
"Yeah because you snort like a pig when you laugh," Kim says.
"Do I?" 
"You have pig everything!  Trust me.  The stalker wasn't real creative when he bought you pigs."
"Hey!  It was really scary.  I thought he was going to kidnap me and feed me possums."

After my third bowl of Ziti I walked into another killer.

"This black lesbian got caught in my store for stealing and when I caught her I swear that black girl turned white."
"Oh my gosh!" I say, though I don't know why I was shocked anymore.
"You do know I'm writing all of this down in Kim's phone so I can remember it all."
Aunt Theresa gasps, "maybe I don't want to be in your blog anymore.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Of course I do."
"Well, umm, how did you know she was a lesbian?"
"I could tell."
"Mom loves lesbians!" Erin pops off.
"I AM NOT a lesbian, they just intrigue me."

The whole family was amazing and we had so much fun with all of them!  Thanks for all the great new memories!

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