Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rorylocks and the Three North Eastern Homes: Just Right

When Rorylocks walked into the last home on his list
He shouted for joy and pumped his fist!
The temp was just right and couldn't be better
unless of course his diaper was a little less wetter.
but once he was changed, he gave Grammy D a hug
and she kissed his cheek while shaking out a rug.
She could multitask five things at once,
but when it came to Rory... well she just loved him tons!

After New York we came back to New Hampshire and spent a little more than a week with Grammy D, Linny Doo (Why can't I just say Lindsey, the girl who won't change a diaper?) and Bumpa.  (Which is toddler speak for Grandpa)  We also got a guest appearance from Aunt Dee and other family members from Grammy D and Bumpa's side of the family, if you can believe that.

   I think he met about 25 more people in New Hampshire.  It was all very exciting but I just don't know how Rory is going to keep everyone straight. 

We had lots of fun playing games, sitting down, relaxing, eating Mexican food in an old jail cell, cyber bowling (although Kim needs me to clarify that it's really called glow bowling.  But I swear in Wisconsin we always called it cyber bowling)  for New Years, doing a jig to Disney songs and drinking two cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee.  (I mean, in New Hamp there is a DD on every corner, and despite the fact my wife promised me that I could have DD every day, due to availability, I only got it twice.  I guess that's reality.)

I will say however that Grammy D made sure my belly was always full with the best things New Hampshire could offer.  I'm sure you can imagine Kim's reactions.

"Where is my food?  Why don't you make anything that I like?"
"But I did!" Grammy D responds flustered from the redhead's sudden daggers.
"You did?" Kim asks.
"Yes.  I made you all of this veggie lasagna!"
"Oh," Kim says at a loss for words.
"See dear," I say.  "It really is Christmas!"

Grammy D had this bouncer that connects to an open door system and Rory absolutely adored it.  He was bouncing all over the place and off the walls.  It inspired Aunt Dee to purchase him one right on the spot.  She had the bouncer ordered from Target before I even blinked.  She's very tech savvy. 

I also made Aunt Lindsey pose with Rory for his five month pictures!  What better way to say I'm five months old in January than with a snowman picture and a blizzard happening in the background!  I just don't think we could have planned it any better!

The time slipped away from us and before we knew it.  It was time to go.  But isn't that always the way the story goes when you are visiting?  There were tears, kisses and snowflakes on the day we left.  But I mean... I'm sure they wouldn't delay our flight, right?  I mean we have a baby.  I guess that's another story.

When Rory left he kissed everyone goodbye.
I swear there was a little tear in his eye.
We rode to Manchester and flew through the air
Soon he'd be in Florida where the weather was always fair!

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