Sunday, March 30, 2014

10 Things I Love About Rory

10.  The fact that he said Da Da first!

9.  His amazing super teethy smiles!

8.  How he grabs Bella's tail and turns away before she can push her face in and give him a tongue bath.  (Although most of the time she gets him anyway.)

7.  When he has a fit, how he throws himself down on the ground and buries his head into the floor.  (Such a dramatic kid.  Where did that come from?)

6.  The way he curls up beside me for a midafternoon nap.  (I truly have begun to love naps!)

5.  How he stretches his arms out towards me when he wants to be close.

4.  The fact that he loves being close to his Dad.

3.  His obsession with bananas!  (Well really anything food-like.)

2.  His connection to music; whether it be just the two of us rocking on the guitar, or his fanatical dancing sessions at church during worship.

1.  That he's mine.  (Thank you, God for this most amazing blessing!)  

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