Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Up Like Grass...Down Like Rain...Back and Forth Like a Choo Choo Train!

You may not know this about me (or maybe you do) but, I'm not the typical guy in the sense that I don't mind asking for directions.  Honestly, the thought of wasting my time is appalling to me.  This is probably why the other day I posed a question on Facebook about the right time to start brushing Rory's incoming teeth.  The responses I got were awesome and plentiful.

Here's a few:   (The names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Kishell says:  "You start right away and they have special tooth paste for babies.  Its training tooth paste.  Tyan has already gone to the dentist too.  They just check teeth and make sure everything is   progressing nicely.  Dont have to follow every bit of advice such as only water to drink and some milk."

Lila says:  "I don't remember when we started.. (how sad!) but.. I think starting now would be good. We got the special toothpaste that doesn't have fluoride. Its in the baby section. We also used something like baby buddy babys first tooth brush. Which we just bought at Walmart."

Cindy says:  "As soon as they get a tooth they can get cavities........I started brushing as soon as Ava got teeth. If you want to get the special paste you can otherwise it isn't necessary to use any at this young age. The first trip to the dentist should be when he is 1 just to make sure the teeth are healthy and there are no issues."

Grammy Kay says:  "I started right away with you...you liked the tooth brush it was a fun time in the beginning as you got older, I would have to chase you into the bathroom so you would brush! Typical boy...."

Alliandra says: "We just used a washcloth and rubbed it over his teeth until about a year. Then switched to a toothbrush."

Angelina says:  "Use that little rubber finger brush with baby toothpaste always good to get in there as soon as they have teeth at least that's what we were told enjoy! Happy parenting!!"

Melinda says:  "We started brushing as soon as they got the first tooth so they'd get used to it. We did just water until they were 2ish."

Katie says: "Start brushing now. We used a baby gum brush on Isaac for a while, then moved onto a toddler brush. We use the training toothpaste. We use the Orajel kind; Ivan doesn't like the taste of the other kind and won't let us brush if we use it."

The dental students who came to our school this year sang this song which now Kim sings while she brushes Rory's teeth:  "Up like grass, down like rain, back and forth like a choo choo train!" 

My wife was busy scouring over her online research as all of my parenty-friends were responding instantaneously.  Everyone's got great ideas that worked fantastic for their own kids and I have to say I like the options and I like knowing what's current. 

So Rory did indeed begin brushing his teeth, or should I say we have begun brushing his teeth with the little finger brush and he actually really loves the brush on his gums.  He doesn't seem to mind at all and I haven't gotten my finger chomped yet.  So those are all good things.  Plus, now I can stop freaking out about cavities.

I find myself constantly worrying about the weirdest things, like Rory getting a cavity if the milk stays on his teeth or how he's going to catapult out of his crib, or even if he will break his head by falling down while he's walking himself along the side of the couch. 

Oh parenting, who knew?

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