Sunday, March 23, 2014

Da Da Da Da

Rory has been chirping out my name non-stop!  Da Da Da Da Da Da!  I love it!  Kim does too... maybe?

"When is he going to say Ma Ma?"  Kim asks.
"Da Da Da Da!" I say to Rory.
"Da Da Da Da!" Rory echoes.
"NO!" Kim jumps.  "Help me make him say Ma Ma!  I helped and encouraged him to say Da Da."
"Oh," I say, " I guess I didn't realize you were coaching him.  Rory, please say Ma Ma!"
"Da Da Da!" Rory shrieks.
"Well, I tried," I say.  "Maybe we should teach him to say Bella!  Be-lla!  Say it!  Be-lla!  Wouldn't it be funny if he said Bella next in a cute little voice?"
"I really don't find you funny anymore," Kim says walking away.
"Wait?  What?  I thought that was the reason you married me!"

I seriously can't believe how many things Rory is doing and learning right now.  He's the most amazing kid I've ever seen! 

"What's he doing?" I ask.
"He's climbing up your leg!" Kim says typing on her Ipad.
"Again, little Ror-ster?  I love that you can climb now but why don't you sit and play or crawl around for a while?"
"Da Da Da!"
"Aww," I say, "He loves me and he knows my name!"
"Poppycock!" Kim screams and then pretends like she didn't say anything.
"What?" I ask.
"It was Bella." 
I stare at the cute dog laying on the floor wagging her tail.
"Oh Kim," I say..
"Ma Ma!" I squeak.
"I really don't find you funny anymore... and be careful when you are playing with him... you don't want to hurt your riblet again."
"Okay, love you!"

And I definitely love my little monk-a-moo!  He's so amazing when he smiles or laughs or contorts his face into a red blob when he poops.  There is nothing in this season I don't love.  (Although I'm sure when my wife reads this she will remind me of something... but I can live in the bliss of this day!)

Comic By Bitstrips

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