Saturday, June 14, 2014

Did You Know?

Did you know that when yogurt is sneezed out of a baby's nose that it looks identical to blood splatter that occurs when a baby faceplants and bites their tongue?  I have to say I have learned tons of new things in Rory's 10 months on this earth.  I don't always like the circumstances, because let's face it  Rory's first bloodshed was freaking scary!  I instantly transformed into worry mode and prayed that his new teeth were okay and other things I won't mention here due to ridiculousness.  I really have been trying to stay calm with life's craziness because I know it's a way to show God that I trust Him and believe that He has not only my back, but also Rory's.  

Sometimes, last Sunday in particular, I'm completely on top of my game because at church Rory took a  big spill and the masses were surprised at how calm Kim and I were as first time parents.   It's honestly a phenomena but Kim  things that it's partially because as teachers we see a lot of the spills and issues up close and personal.  Clearly, it's different when it's your own kid, but the years of  practice have helped us determine what's a real problem and what's not.     Then again, ten minutes after Rory's spill, he found an uncovered outlet and Kim ran and screamed like I'd never seen before.  She was positive she heard a zap and reported all of this in a high pitched squeak.  None of Rory's hair was standing up and he wasn't crying.  In fact, he was kind of laughing.  If there was a zap, which I don't think there was, it wasn't that bad.  Needless to say, the outlets are now covered. 

On a more serious note I do try to plan ahead but as I watch Rory walk around the room or wrinkle up his nose and make snorting noises I can't  quite imagine him getting any older.  When he comes running to me and motions for me to pick him up and settles into that crook that only he could fit perfectly into, I can't picture him being in school or becoming a teenager someday, but I know that's kind of what time does.  It ages and changes you, never waiting or slowing. 

I sometimes think of all the things that life will offer him; some are wonderful and other will hurt him.  I pray with all of my heart that they won't injure him and that he will somehow pass through  the thorns and thickets without any scars or scratches.  I want him to always be that happy, smiling, baby who knows exactly who to go to when he falls down.   I want to be able to cure any problem with a hug and kiss and most importantly that he knows he can always come to Daddy for anything.

I love you, Rory!

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