Sunday, June 15, 2014


So we were catching up on Sister Wives last night, which is a really fantastic show if you haven't watched it.  The Browns might not follow all of societies norms, but they are such an amazing family!   #talkaboutafathersdayparty.  As I was saying, there was an episode where Meri has a birthday and Kody keeps saying, "Happy Birthday" every two seconds.  Sound like anyone you know?  #ilovethebrowns

Kim:  But, you are not ever having another wife!
Josh:  Well, probably not, but what if it's God's plan?
Kim:  Nope! 
Josh:  You can't say no to God, or you'll end up in a whale or something.  But seriously, could you ever imagine me being able to put up with another wife?
Kim:  Oh.  (belly laughing)  Yeah.  (more extreme laughter) That's probably true.  I'm like fifteen women. 
Josh:  (deleted thought)

Anyway... as I was saying.  Kim, being that beautiful and wacky wife I love, has been saying Happy Father's Day to me  all day in every other phrase she spouts out.  #awesomeness

You know, I always knew that I loved babies but I never knew how much I'd love being a father myself.  It's literally the best thing in the world!  Rory is so amazing whether he's just snuggling up next to me, attacking the blinds, or climbing Mount Bella.  I just love every stinking thing about him! (Even his 6 poops today #notexaggerating #happyfathersday #ilovepooptalk)

I know I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, but it makes relating to God, the Father, so much clearer.  I can understand the love that He feels for me because He has given me a real-life tangible example.  Oh Gosh, I can't even handle looking at Rory's little face.  He is so precious!  #lovehim

Kim and I are constantly thanking God for this amazing blessing and privilege!  We might sometimes pray for a little calm, but they say if you don't ask, then you will never receive.  Even with the non stop action we really couldn't be happier.   #lookatthosecheeks  #thankyoufather  #mywifehateshashtags


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