Saturday, June 21, 2014

Totally Legit or Old Wive's Tales

To Cut or Not to Cut: 

When is the right time to cut your baby's hair for the first time?

I've heard from a Nun that you have to wait until after one year because if you don't the magic that is inside a baby's head will be deactivated.  I've also heard from our fantastic Hairdresser, who has already trimmed Rory's hair twice, that it doesn't really matter because your hair will be what it is no matter what you do.  She also says that in some Asian cultures babies get their heads shaved at 4 months and they still have full thick hair.   So what do you think?

How Much Blood is Too Much Blood:

  When is it appropriate to freak out when your baby's lip is gushing blood?

"Oh my gosh!" I scream.  "Did you see that?"
"Yes," Kim says calmly as the baby literally screams bloody murder!  Well, murder of the lip.
"He just fell over like a freaking tree!  OH MY GOSH!  HIS LIP IS GUSHING BLOOD!"
"Umm, settle down," Kim says.  "It's barely any blood." 
"I am helping!  But settle!  People bump their lips.  It's not a big deal."

So what would you do if you saw all that blood?  Freak out or remain calm?

Will The Baby Be Riding Dirty: 

Will the baby cry the whole time on our massive road trip?

So we're taking a big road trip this summer and we just have no clue how it's going to go.  Rory's 10 months, going on 11.  He is a good baby and usually goes right into Zen mode in the car, but we are talking thousands after thousands of miles.  Can a baby really handle the drive and chill out or will he be screaming his head off?  When should we leave?  Bed time?  Break of day?  So many questions?  What are your experiences?

Canine Capers: 

When does your dog and your baby start working together against you?

I've heard so many differing theories on babies and dogs but so far Rory and Bella are the best of friends, just like the classic Disney Duo, Tod and Copper.  (Am I watching too much Disney these days?  I doubt it.)  Anyway some people just don't think babies and dogs mix.  Others say there's nothing better.  Now Rory has been known to feed some of his puffs to the dog and the dog does an excellent job cleaning his face after meals.  At times it seems the two of them seem to have conversations together.  Should I be worried with this symbiotic relationship or will it all work out for the best?
He's a Shoe In: 

Do babies really need to wear shoes when they learn to walk so they don't become clubfooted?

My mother thinks that Rory is going to be a clubfoot because we let him walk around without shoes.  She swears that only shoes will save his sole!  I stand firm that only Jesus can do that.  So we don't make him wear shoes.  But, I do suppose there will be a time that he has to learn how to walk in shoes because I mean he has to go to school someday and or walk around at Disney World, so what's your take?  Please don't let the cat get you're tongue.  What do you think?
Seriously Where Are The Rabbits Hiding: 

 How many times can a baby rabbit poop in a day?

That's pretty much it.  I just want to know how many rabbits are in your baby's diaper?  The other day I had to change 8 rabbit poops.  I think one an hour.  Really was annoying, mostly because they reek.

When is the right time to take the Binky away?  IE, pacifier, paci, plug, monkeybutt, froglegger, plastic shish-kabob.

As you know, my wife thinks he NEVER should have been allowed to have a binky but I think its great.  But if you've read any of my other entries you already know my take on binkies.  I want to know what you think.  When is the right time to take it away?

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  1. The right time to cut baby's hair for the first time (or any consecutive time) is when both parents feel baby's hair could use a trim. Or once they reach the age of having an opinion, they should probably get a vote.

    Too much blood is when it won't stop bleeding after an appropriate amount of time. Heads/faces/lips/gums/tongues all bleed a lot.

    Will The Baby Be Riding Dirty:

    Whenever you leave for your road-trip, just plan on lots of stops. Except for traveling at night when sleeping our girls have never been up for more than 2 hours max at a stretch.

    Dog sounds fine. Just hope he doesn't get allergies. It's a pain to have to police the cheerios. ;)

    Current suggestion is that barefoot or soft soles are better for early learners future foot development and posture (hence all the soft-soled shoes out there). When your mom was a new parent it was shoes are better. Some how kids seem to learn fine either way. If he were club-footed you'd already know it. Maybe put shoes on when he's around Grandma to ease her nerves.

    Seriously Where Are The Rabbits Hiding:

    Uhm, no clue on the baby rabbit poops. If it makes you feel better our babies have always been more in the line of icky, runny, smells-like-a-pig-farm poops until they're at least 2 1/2 so it could probably be worse than rabbit poops.

    Only two of our girls ever took a binky and they both gave it up on their own around 6 months so I never had to take the binky away which I'm sort of glad I didn't have to deal with.

  2. I can give you my comments. :) Hair cut, depending on the child's hair. I know some people wait until after 1. But each of my children was different. One of them didn't get a cut until 3!!!

    Blood,I probably would of freak out too with my first child about the blood. But with my others ones, I probably would of been with Kim. :)

    Car ride, good luck. Bring different toys for him to switch up. And when you stop for gas or any breaks,take him out. :)

    Dog thing, i don't think anything wrong with it. :)

    Shoes, my children never really had shoes on. There feet are fine.

    Rabbit thing.. I'm not sure. Haha

    Binky... well 1st child I took it off of him around 2. My middle child, never had one. And my little girl, i believe around 2 or so. I think once you get him off the bottle, slowly wing him off of it. My sister gave her son it only at night time. Then finally got him off of it. :)

  3. Thanks for taking the time to respond! :) Kim and I cracked up reading everything!

  4. NEVER cut his hair--You'll want all those long curly locks in photos for yearbooks and general razzing later!

    Every body bleeeeeds, sooooome tiiiiiimes. (to the tune of Everybody Hurts)

    You're doing a good job with the car rides.

    Bella and Ror-ster are perfect for each other. She is so sweet, and probably mothers him.

    Try walking on foot-sized plywood. Shoes need to bend or be off. Didn't Abel and Seth wear those socky-shoe things?! I'm pretty sure Eve invented those...or at least would have.

    Hey, pellets are waaaaay better than the alternative-- out the top, bottom, legs, ears...
    But seriously, are you changing him before he's "done"?

    And, IMHO, binkies are not the devil; quite the opposite. They do create two impediments, though: The ability to calm oneself from the inside, and speak coherently. Combat plan--awake time, he doesn't need something hanging out of his face. Choose nap- and bedtime, and when he is mad that he has been angry and is getting irate. He'll need to learn how to calm himself, so try sleep times and grumpy times to let him soothe from within or with a different medium like songs before giving him the bink. (I'm sure Kim and the babysitter can time them, so you don't have to bear it indefinitely.)
    When my kids went to naps or bed a few times in a row without the plug, I knew it was time.
    Have Rory throw them away--it may be his first big-boy decision apart from bottle-riddance, and if he understands that he is giving it up, it's better all around. Then, find a wonderful way to celebrate right away!