Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oh, the Places He'll Go!

Oh, the places Rory goes is incredible now that he is crawling around like a spider monkey.  He's so fast that I can barely catch him.  (Kim definitely can't, because she has unfortunately gotten her Pirate-Plantifatchitis foot thing back.  You know that thing that puts your foot to sleep and makes you hobble around like a drunken pirate?)  We are very thankful that he has perfected the crawl because at first he was doing some weird leg dragging thing and it was so creepy that we started calling the crawl, The Quasimodo.  But don't worry.  He crawls with amazing gusto now!  He's even starting to take multiple steps.  We really couldn't be prouder....  that is until we find him in the dog's water dish, or gnawing on a dog toy.  Then we are a little grossed out! 

He finds all kinds of nooks and crannies to crawl into.  One of his favorite places to go is the laundry room because there is just so much stuff to play with.  He loves banging on the washing machine because it sounds like a bongo drum.  The laundry room also holds the dog's dishes so as I said earlier, he just can't resist.  (He hasn't tempted to try her food yet though.)  He also likes to head to the guest bathroom to pull himself up onto the bathtub.  He really likes bathtime!  Thank God he has no interest in the toilet.  We find him in the red room with the dog from time to time because that's where I house my PlayStation games and he knows how fun it is to bang the games against stuff.  Our dog, whole-heartedly approves his actions as she lays on the comforter on the guest bed.

I guess that sounds like we aren't paying attention to him, but I'm telling you that all it takes is a second for Kim to look down at whatever fantastic meal she is cooking, or me to look from the television while The Evil Queen glares at Emma for bringing Maid Marian back from the past, (Seriously Once Upon A Time?  Let Regina be happy!) and Rory is gone.  He's just that quick.

Rory also has this other game he likes to play.  Grab every thing in sight that I tell him not to touch!  It's a fantastic game!!!   We enjoy pulling him off the entertainment center fifteen times in 3 minutes.  My wife blames me for picking out the bird shaped knobs.  I do admit that Rory goes right for the knobs but I'm telling you that those things are amazing!  Who doesn't like birds? 

  He also thinks its great fun to leave the room after I ask him politely to sit and play with his toys.  He will look back at me with a devious grin and wait for me to get up and grab him.  Then he shrieks and takes off as fast as he can away from me.  I race after him and catch him and he laughs.  I can't help but melt when he laughs.  He is the best baby in the world.  However, I am slightly worried that he laughs when I tell him, "No."  I'm sure it comes with time... right?  Lie to me, if I'm wrong. 

Oh I hope I'm not painting Rory to be a crazy little punk monkey that never stops moving, even though that is exactly what he is.  But he gets into some really great places too.  Like right into Daddy's arms when he's a little scared or sad because he knows I'll keep him safe.  Always.


  1. I love your writing style! Definitely one to follow.

    P.s. No does come, but not with any regularity (as far as I can work out!)

  2. It's good to know that maybe... possibly.. he will understand the word, no. :) Thanks man.