Monday, December 16, 2013

Decemeber... Happy 4 Months!

January always prepares our minds to be ready for new things, whether they be; diets, promising to run a little bit more, getting closer to God, or just being a nicer person in general.  For our little household it seems like Rory has decided he doesn't want to wait for New Years.  December will do just fine.

Rock and Rolling:

Rory pretty much just rolls everywhere now.  In November he was rolling from his belly to his back, but now he's rolling every which way that is possibly known to babydom.  We've had to put up barrier pillows to block him from rolling off the carpet onto the wood floors, but they really only work every fifth time.  He's been found with his little tootsies pushed under the couch a time or two.  (Maybe he'll be good at dusting when he's older.)

Baby Sitting:

His new baby sitter Miss Anna says he is nothing but a blessing and we feel exactly the same way about her!  She is basically an answered prayer from God.  She is so great with Rory and every morning when we transfer him to her care he gives her a big smile and she talks back to him.  Her kids also flock to Rory and make him giggle as soon as he's buckled safely into her car.  (What?  Oh yeah, she picks him up at our school.  Isn't she amazing?)


  Rory has discovered that his voice can make this high pitched squeak and he does it constantly now.  He doesn't even need to do it, but he loves it.  No more are the days of the cute little cooing "ooohhh".  Now we just get this high pitched pterodactyl boy when you try to talk to him.  I have to say I love listening to him test his new abilities and sounds.  It's so crazy to see the growth of this little human right in front of me.    Of course the little dinosaur boy, (which is hew newest nickname) isn't satisfied with just screeching obnoxiously, he wants to try and make it even higher.  Kim and I can't help but crack up (for like the first two times) at the strain in his voice when he can't quite screech as high as he wants to.  After ten screeches, you can stick a fork in us.  To my astonishment, Kim had said:  It's the first thing that he's ever done that's been annoying.  I wanted to remind her of the time he drenched her on the airplane by retching his entire bottle.  I didn't though.


Rory got to ride on the float in our school's Winter Parade.  It was his first time sleeping halfway through the whole town waving at him and saying "Oh!  Look at the baby!  It's super baby!  Look how cute he is!"   Once he woke up for the remainder of the parade he watched the bright lights and laughed at all the people we passed by.  Super baby you ask???  Our theme might have been super heroes!  We teachers of course are totally not even a little bit nerdy.  We are just super at what we do.  Right?  Don't you buy it?  :) 

The Next Monday one of our students came into the room and said "Hey Super Daddy!  Saw you guys at the parade!  I just talked to Super Mommy.  I can't wait to see Super Baby again at youth group!  Bye!"

 I don't know why I was taken aback by her total cuteness.  Kids say the funniest things. 


With the combo of Thanksgiving and Christmas, Rory will have flown on four separate flights after just turning 4 months!  Let's hear it for the Ror!  Let's give the Ror a hand for being a world traveler!  (music joke)  If my child becomes a weirdo at some point, we will know where it originated? 


And one of the most fun things that has happened recently is Rory trying his first solid food.  He started with bananas this week and kind of adores them, as he should.  Bananas really should be a household staple of any growing boy.  They are the super fruit!  I have always loved them as well, which I'm sure you may have guessed.  Not that you care about me.  You're really more curious about the Ror-ster, which is really okay.  He's the best.

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