Sunday, December 22, 2013

Landing in New Hamster!!!!

Our flight to New Hampshire didn't arouse too many hiccups, although it's apparently Rory's newest thing to take a big smelly crap the very moment we find our seats on the plane.  (because he did this last time we were on a plane as well.)  He just starts grunting away and laughing like the last time.   And yes, Kim's balance apparently makes it impossible for her to change the baby in the little bathroom, so I was rewarded with the gift once again.

After landing and driving to Kim's brother and sister in law's house we were able to have a small get-together with some of Kim's siblings, especially Aunt Linny-Doo, (I'm supposed to call her that I guess.) who has never met Rory yet.

  As we walk up the steps, Uncle Jimmy grabs Rory's carrier from my hand and shouts, "He's all we want to see!" and shoves Kim into the snow bank.  I can see in Kim's eyes that she instantly regrets ever saying that anyone was more annoying than her brother the last time we were all together.  Aunt Kendra pulls Kim out of the snow and brushes her off and starts handing out celebrity tours of their new home and mugs of hot apple cider.  Meanwhile, Kim's mother, Grammy D is tapdancing in all her glory that she has Rory back again.

After the tour the relatives all sit down on the floor and watch and wait for Rory to start rolling all over the place.  He toys with them at first and then finally gives in and rolls to his hearts content.  They clap and cheer and smile with victory in their eyes.  How could anyone be any prouder? 

  I'm jolted awake by a sudden shout of joy coming from Grammy D and unattach my face from the ultra soft pillow on the couch.  I smile as if I know why people are shouting.
"I just can't believe this day finally is here.  I never believed my kids would get married and have a baby.  I am just so happy!"
"Really mom?" Kim says with disdain.  "Just be happy and keep your teasing monologues to yourself."

"Oh darling, you know what I meant!" Grammy D says.
"Yeah, I'm just going to put this out there, I have an urge to kick Rory!"  Uncle Jimmy says.
What?!?!" Kendra asks almost falling over from shock!"
"He's dressed like a ball."
"Oh Jimmy!" everyone says together like a cheesy sitcom.

The stress of Friday slowly fell off of us as we enjoyed time with family but the months and months lack of sleep we were suffering still lingered. 

We met up with Grandpop-o and Haimoni later on and will be staying with them in Massachusetts for the next few days.  We are excited to see what new adventures Rory will experience in Mass.

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