Sunday, December 22, 2013

Friday: Just Stick a Freaking Fork in me Already!


  Friday Morning:

   My Wife:  "We're going to be late for school.  We need to run to Wal-mart!  We have to plan for our Christmas parties.  We have to get some food.  I'm hungry!  Why are you just standing there with a coughing baby?  Does it sound bad?  Who are you?  What have you done with Bella?  Oh, we have to take her to the kennel!  Can you do that?  Can you make a bottle?  Can you clean the floors?  Wait!  We don't have time to clean!  Let's go!  Come on!  Can you take the garbage out while you are holding the baby?  I don't know how!  I love you!  Where is our gift card for Anna?  Did you pay the bills?  Wait you don't need to do that now!  There's no time?  Did you change the diaper bin?  Did you make the bed? 

My Wife from One Year Ago:  "Hi baby.  Everything is set to go.  Can I massage your back?"

Friday Afternoon: 

My Wife:  Miss Anna called and said that Rory's cough is worse!  Oh no!!  I hate this!  What are we going to do!  Can you take him to the doctor!  One of us has too! One of us has to leave our kids even though it's our Christmas party and they need to take Rory!  I would do it but I don't have any days left since I already used over half of yours for maternity leave!  So... do you want me to go???? or.....
or......  or......  or......  oh you will go?  Thank you!  Thank you so much!!!

My Wife from One Year Ago:  What a glorious day this is!  I can't wait to go on our Christmas Cruise.  Maybe we can find someone to massage your feet.

Friday Night:

My Wife:  Oh you are back from the doctor!  How is Rory doing?  Is he fine?  Is it an infection?  Oh they are going to give us medicine just in case???? Praise the Lord!  Everything has gone wrong today, at least we have some good news!  RIGHt?!?!?  Ahhh!  We still have to drive all the way to Orlando and go to the aiport in the morning!  Can you go fill Rory's prescription at Wal-mart?  Oh and can you finally take the dog to the kennel?  I'll try to pack something! 

My Wife from One Year Ago:  Let me just turn on some music  and light some candles.  And look, I made your favorite dinner.  Later, we can watch a movie and I will show you just how much I love you.  

Friday sucked!

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