Thursday, December 5, 2013

Over the Country and Across the Skies: To Grandmother's house we go! Thanksgiving Part 2 of 3.

 After Kim changed her formula coated pants, we grabbed the rental car and headed out towards my old stomping grounds to meet Wisconsin Grandma and Grandpa for the first time.  Some 4 hours later we finally find our way to my dad’s house.                                                                                                      
  I have to say that I completely enjoyed Rory’s little face when we opened the car door and a huge 16 degree wind chill blew right past him.  His eyes got huge and he was like “what the heck is this, and why am I wearing this big heavy coat?  I hate this coat!  I never have to wear this many clothes!!!”  (Florida babies are not used to wearing this much.)
Once we pulled into my dad’s driveway my little brother ran outside faster than I’ve ever seen him move.  This was also Uncle Jared’s first time meeting Rory as well.  Grandpa and Grandma were upstairs looking out the windows to see if indeed it was us who had pulled into the drive.  It brought back lots of fun memories of that old house. 

It was an amazing night of catching up and having everyone meet and love on little Rory.
  “He’s so precious,” Grandma Jo screams almost tap-dancing. 
  “Ehhhh---ooooo!” Uncle Jared echolocates in some garbled scream that sort of reminds me of Xena Warrior Princess.

“I don’t like hobbles and I can’t stand fences…” Grandpa sings with an exaggerated twang, as he bounces Rory on his knee.

Rory had such a blast laughing at Uncle Jared’s impressions, if Jared doesn’t kill me for saying.  I am now seeing that Grammy Kay is not the only Wildebeest in this family.  When not singing Grandpa was also making some very wacky faces that I literally had to crack up at.  But, even Sinead O’Conner would say that nothing compares to Grandpa on the floor playing with Rory.
  “What’s that Rory?” Grandpa says laying on the floor beside him.  “Are you going to be a runner?”
 I watch as Rory kicks his legs like crazy and coos.  Then my eyes which I can’t believe are not deceiving me watches Grandpa kick his legs in the air and coo.  I think I could probably live a thousand more lifetimes and not see this image again.  It will be forever engrained  in my mind.
The next morning Grandpa and Grandma took us, plus Grammy Kay, out to breakfast at this small little hole in the wall restaurant in an obscure little town.
"This is so good!" Kim says.  These are the best hash browns I have ever eaten."
"You should have tried the biscuits and gravy!" I say.
"I'm fine with my blueberry pancakes!" Kim says.
 "YEAH!  Grammy Kay shouts, " I have to break out my fat clothes!  I have gained so much weight!! HAHAHAHA!"
 "Really?  You are just going to go and shout that across the restaurant?" I say.
 "Low tones," she points, and then continues her hardy conversation with Jared and Grandpa.
"Take pictures!" Grandma Jo squeals, hugging her cup of coffee.
"Of course!" I say pulling out my cellphone.  
"I NEED PICTURES OF MY GRANDBABY!" Grammy Kay (who has already taken like 700 pictures on her tablet) yells as well! 
 "I got some fantastic pictures on my cellphone but wish I would have brought my really nice camera along.  I left it at the house."
  "Well we can get it later!" Grandma Jo says to Grandpa with glee, "How about that?  What do you think sweetie, should we do a photo shoot?!?!?!?!"
 Grandpa rolls his eyes and almost falls out of his chair, "Oh boy!  A photo-shoot is the last thing I want to do.  It makes me really anxious!" 
 "Taking pictures?" I ask.
 "Jo here, is one of 7 in her family and a simple Christmas picture takes about an hour and a half.  I just can't handle photo-shoots!"
  "I just meant a couple pictures," Grandma Jo says.  "You need to relax." 
  "Yeah," Grandpa says, "I will when I retire.  Oh, hey everyone, did I ever tell you that I was going to cut back the amount of time I work now.   Oh what was that?  Oh, have I been saying that for 15 years?  Oh, well.  This time I mean it.  You just wait and see."
  Rory laughs.
  "That's right, Rory.  You tell him that we will believe it, when we see it."
  We spent the rest of the day seeing the sights, enjoying a craft mall, and randomly running into the mother of one of my friends that I teach with in Florida.  So ironic!  Don't ya think?  How nice. 
On Sunday, I went to visit a couple fantastic friends and their family, we will call them the M's.   I met them when I was student teaching.    I actually student taught with Mr. M.  He is an amazing teacher and mentor.  I'm so glad I got to see these guys and hang out with them and introduce them to Rory.  He loved all the attention and the story was nice too.
 After visiting the M's we headed to my mom's house where she had invited a bunch of friends to meet Rory.  (and also to show off how cute and so darn smart he is.)

The following are some fun pictures from the event. 

The whole time visiting Grandma and Grandpa happened way to fast!  It felt like we just got
there and then it was time to go.  We look forward for them coming down in a couple months when they take a vacation.
    Rory knows what to do with a book!

It's always hard to leave the familiar places you have grown up in and spent so much of your life at, but we know there is always a plan for everything that happens.  Without Florida, there would be no Rory, no Kim, and to be quite honest, this amazing and totally beautifully written blog you've been enjoying would never have existed.  Jeez, now I feel like I'm in Back to the Future. 

Enjoy the pictures and live for the day! 



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