Tuesday, December 31, 2013

RoryLocks and the Three North Eastern Homes: Too Cold (Part 1)

RoryLocks and the three North Eastern Homes

There once was a little boy that flew to Massachussetts to visit his Grandpop-o and Halmoni.
When he entered the house via Daddy's arms, he found that he was very very coldishy.  
The old house was drafty and cool so he sat next the fireplace with care.  
Almost at soon as he was settled into Grandpop-o's loving arms a loud rip made the fireplace flare!
Throughout the house a smell  arose like stewed mushroom puree 
The nostrils of those around flared like the experiments of Madame Curie.
Grandpop-o hacked and gacked and tossed the baby towards his mother.  
  "Ain't nobody got time for that!" Grandpop-o said and fled the room like Danny Glover.
Daddy didn't know what to do except change the little monster hound.
 Mass was not like Wisconsin where cheese permeated the air and kept you naturally bound.

It was so much fun seeing Grandpop-o and Halmoni again!  Rory could hardly stand it.  He laughed and giggled and was spoiled rotton by all of the attention he recieved from both of them.

  "Horse bite!" Grandpop-o yells pretending to sting Rory with his finger.
  Rory burst into a laugh.
  "Horse bite!" Grandpop-o yells again!  "Horsebite!  Horsebite!  Horsebite!"
  "What are you doing dad?" Kim asks.
 "Look how much he's laughing!  He's not being grumpy right now."
  "He is not a grumpy baby!!!!" Kim screams, "He's just expressive.  I know you like to show that picture of his grumpy face to everyone but he's not like that all the time.  He just uses his eyebrows to talk."
"I don't think he actually talks yet," I say.
  "You know what I'm talking about!!!" Kim roars. "My baby is not grumpy!  Okay?"
 "HORSE BITE!" Grandpop-o shouts.
Rory laughs.
 "Are you listening to me Pop?" Kim asks exasperated.
"You not talking in his good ear," Halmoni says with a smile.

The good times continued when the two baby cousins got to meet.  There was nothing cuter than Rory and Kaeden!  

"Yes, he's got acid reflux," Uncle Michael was saying.  
"He just throws up all the time," Aunt Claudia explains, "So we always keep his bib on him.  You just never know when he's going to projectile puke anywhere."
"I can attest to that," Aunt Jackie says, "One time I was holding him up and making faces at him and he puked right in my mouth.  It was the most disgusting thing that ever happened to me."  

Rory and Kaeden make faces at each other and grab onto each others' hands.  
"How cute," Kim says.
Rory reaches out and touches Kaeden's bib with a sweet gentle tap and then proceeds to completely snatch it right off his neck.
"Well, I guess Rory doesn't think he needs that anymore," I say.
Kaeden smiles and then pukes.

Christmas presents were quite a drama for some redheaded people, and I'm not talking about Rory.

"Just pull the wrapping paper!" Kim says.
"Ah cha coo la mon a koo!" Rory babbles some unknown language that he's starting to use at random moments.  
He grabs the shiny red paper and pulls it just close enough to shove it in his mouth.
"GOOD BOY!" I shout, while everyone else tries to get the wrapping paper out of his mouth.  
Kaeden is sleeping through the first part of it.  I'm sure in some way he's enjoying it through osmosis.
"Here you go!" Halmoni says, shoveling another 15 presents in front of Rory.  I look at the packages ranging in size from small to giant.  
 "Holy Smo..." I begin.
"POP!  How are we going to be able to take these all back home with us?  I have to fly back on a plane, remember?"
 "Well, we wanted to get the boys the same things."
  "Yes, but how am I going to take all this with me?"
 Grandpop-o shrugs, "That's not my problem."
"Gee thanks!" Kim says slapping him on the leg.

We still aren't sure how we're going to get those gifts back home with us, but I'm sure someway somehow we will figure it all out.  Maybe.   

After many days in the house way too cold, Rorylocks cooed , "It's time to go!"
"Oh wait!   Don't leave! " With pain, shouted Grandpop-o.
"We must, it's too cold!" Mommy said wearing ten sweaters packed tight.
"But I found out the problem, I forgot to light the pilot light!"

(I wish that it wasn't true but yes, on the last day there Grandpop-o really did figure out he forgot to light the pilot.)

Comic by Bitstrips

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