Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grammy Crack!

  People say that when Grammy's meet their grandbabies for the first time they get giddy and extremely loving.  With my mom here for an extended period, the giddiness hasn't ended yet.  (Nor do I think it will.)  I prefer to call the long term giddiness, Grammy crack!  It's like my mom took a hit off of a giant Grammy Nip. 

  "OHHHH!  He's so strong. Ha, ha!  Hee-haw!" Grammy Kay shouts.  "Look at him move his head!  Babies aren't supposed to do that this young."
  "Yeah, he's been lifting his head up and tossing it around since day two," Kim says nonchalantly.
  "I can't believe it!  OH MY GOSH!  LOOK AT HIM SCOOT ALL THE WAY AROUND!  Hee hee!" Grammy Kay shout/chuckles again.  "HE MOVED ACROSS THE WHOLE MAT!"
  "Yes, he's gifted," I say.
  "HE IS BRILLIANT!" Grammy Kay says.  "All my friends say that you guys just posed that picture of him with his feet up at the hospital in the Bili-light.  No one believes he scooted down all the way by himself."

  "That was all him," I say, "And I'm still annoyed that the nurse didn't screw the blindfold over his head.  She assured me he wouldn't be able to take the blindfold off.  But you know my son.  He's very Houdini-esqe.  I thought he was going to go blind."
  "You caught it in time," Kim says.
  "Only because I was so worried I couldn't sleep properly without going to check on him every five seconds.  But don't worry, I'm over it."
  "Yep," Kim says.  "I know you are, but anyway Grammy Kay, the way he moved inside me, I thought he'd come out walking.  It doesn't surprise me at all."
  "That's my Pumpkin Snootz." Grammy Kay smiles with glee.
  "What?" I ask.  "Pumpkin Snootz?"
  "You know me.  I make up names.  Anyway, I was talking to Barb and we just know he's going to be an Olympic somethin' or other!"
  "Oh?" I ask.  "An Olympic somethin' or other?  That's pretty specific, and now I want pumpkin coffee."

Kim goes into an explanation about how all babies usually develop one skillset earlier than others but did Grammy Kay hear this?  I think she was too busy laughing and I am not exaggerating when I say she stands up and laughs for a good minute for really no apparent reason.  

Grammy Kay spins in circles.  "He is so brilliant!  I can't believe it!  I just can't believe it!  He is so strong!  He is so smart!  He is so...."
 "...hopefully not going to get our crazy gene."

Comic by Bitstrips

Favorite Grammy Quotes:

  "You are calling the entry Grammy Crack!  People are going to think I'm on drugs.  There's a lot of Christians reading this!"  Grammy says.
  "Well that's good then.  The second greatest commandment is to love others.  At least you'll be loved through your addiction."  (even if its only being addicted to the cutest baby I know.)

Kim: I am texting my mom a picture of Rory everyday.  She loves it.
Grammy Kay:  Yeah!  You should have been doing that for me the whole time!!!
Josh:  You don't get text messages.
Grammy Kay:  Oh... I suppose.
Kim:  (laughter)


  1. WOW if this isn't the truth! Congratulation to GrammyKay!!! From Oma Ru Werner! Enjoy - it is the best thing in the world to be GRandma!

  2. Thank you!!! She is loving every moment. :)