Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rory's First Beach Day

  I have to tell you that I had to nag my wife to take Rory to the beach for the first time.  Yes, I know.  He had just turned 6 weeks old but I want this boy to love the water from the get go.  I mean, I never had the chance to enjoy the ocean growing up.  I didn't even get to lay eyes on it until I was 19.  Since I've come to Florida and I live so close to it, I want Rory to enjoy every moment of it.  It's amazing to experience God's giant wave pool. 

 "But there's sharks!" my wife screams.

  And God created those lovely sharks too, and if he really wanted us to die by shark bite than that would be the way we would go.  And I will tell Rory all of this when he's older.  Right now he just stares at me.  He'd give the same reaction if an elephant walked into the room.  And yes, we are loving his exploratory stage.  He's just so funny, with his grunts and groans. 

"But he makes all these weird faces!" my wife screams.

 And so do you my dear wife, which anyone who has ever met you could testify to.  I myself am probably the normal one.  I would never do anything weird or make up strange songs to lull the baby into a sleepy stupor when he is crying unbearably.

  Anyway last weekend was Rory's first time to the beach, and I have to tell you this picture pretty much sums up the entire experience!

  Isn't he cute?  Oh that's what we thought until people started commenting on Facebook!    Now this picture has gotten more controversy than Miley Cyrus dancing around in nude hot pants at the Awards show!

The people:  Put sunscreen on that boy!  Don't you people know about sunscreen!?!?!?

The other people:  Oh.  He is so cute! 

The people:  Get him out of the sun!  How could you not be using your brain?!?!?!?

The other people:  So adorable.  He is precious!

 Truth be told, he was in the sun long enough for me to snap this picture.  It was too dark under his very jumbo sized umbrella that shaded, Kim, myself, Rory and Grammy Kay.  The only other time he was out in the sun was for the maybe ten minutes where we let him feel the ocean.  Kim and I are very pale people so I think we'd be idiots to not lather our son with 100spf!  As you can see his scalp is so lathered that his hair is stuck up in a Mohawk.

The people:  Oh okay, well fine then.  But I'm watching you new parents!

The other people:  He is just so freakin' adorable!

Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Kendra were along for the ride because they happened to be taking a vacation to Florida to see Rory in action.  It was so great to see them. 

(There also happened to be this skinny guy who kept losing his shorts and a super chesty girl {Kim noticed.. not me.}  who were trying to take an inflatable raft into the mildly choppy waves and got flipped over about a hundred times.  I swear if they had a reality show, I'd watch it.  They were hilarious!)

The proof is in the pudding.  Can't you seen the sunscreen gleaming? 

Rory's first wave!  He was shocked!!!  He was scared!  He cried!  (I think it had to do with his mommy holding him.)
"That's not fair!" my wife screams!

Rory's second wave and he is as content as a rooster in a henhouse.  Or maybe he feels safe with daddy...
"I like how you don't post the pictures of him screaming in your arms!!!!" my wife screams.
"But there aren't any of him screaming," I answer.

Needless to say.  We will be back.  Rory loved his afternoon!
The people:  You better have put sunscreen on him!!!!
The other people:  I just want to eat him up with a spoon.
Comic By Bitstrips!

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  1. I am witb Kim. I hated every visit to the beach witb my kids. I was terrified they would drown or get eaten by a shark.