Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chameleon Baby

  Rory is definitely our little chameleon baby.  His faces change daily and his expressions are so classic because every time we look at him; we are like... "Oh look!  That's Kim's smile.  Oh look that's Josh's pouty face!"  I can't believe how many people he can look like.  Maybe he'll be a shape shifter when he grows up.  That'd be pretty cool if you ask me.  My wife will roll her eyes when she reads this, but hey she married a comic book nerd so what can she really do?

  For fun, here are a few pictures of me as a baby and a few pictures of Rory.  The pictures of Rory aren't a perfect match but they are pretty darn close.  When I see him cry in person, and let's face it, that's hourly.  (I'm being generous.)  He looks EXACTLY like my newborn pictures!!   It's eerie and freaking amazing! 

Oh, how I love the little twerp!   

Isn't it ironic?  Don't you think?
Comic By Bitstrips

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