Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Grammy Convention!

  For the past week we've had a house full of Grammies, since my mom flew in on Saturday.  I have to say it's been awesome.  It's so cool watching the Grammies fawn over Rory and try to meet his every need while mommy and daddy get a little caught up on sleep, bills, or just sleep. 

  The other day after a doctors appointment we were shopping at Baby's-R-Us and the Grammies were instantly pulled towards a 50% off rack of clothing and weren't able to break free of it's magnetic grasp until both of their hands were full of outfits.  It was a very scary time for a few minutes there.

  They also do so much around the house.  Grammy D (Kim's mom) has been with us since before Rory was born and I have to say our house has never been cleaner.  She does so much like sweeping the dog hair multiple times a day, cooks, does dishes, holds Rory a lot, loves changing diapers- which I am glad about.  Oh how we are going to miss her.  (Today is actually her last day.)

 But if you've spent any time in the world, you know that even the greatest things have their moments.  Here's a rainbow colored compilation of the EXTRA-helpful moments:

 Grammy Kay:  Oh you're not holding him right.
 Josh:  Mom.  Stop.

Kim: Mom, you don't have to pick him up every time he cries.  He needs to self sooth.
Grammy D:  Oh, it's okay. I got him.

Josh:  Oh, it's okay Rory.  Don't cry.
Grammy D:  You know you don't have to pick him up every time he cries.  He needs to learn to self sooth.

Grammy Kay:  His legs are getting cold.
Josh:  They are fine, mom.

Grammy Kay:  Oh that carrier strap is pushed right into his face.
Josh:  It's fine mom.

Grammy Kay:  He can't breathe!  He is going to be smothered.  (Rory's head is smooshed against my chest in the carrier.)
Kim:  No.  He nuzzles right into my boobs all the time.  That's how he likes it.
Josh:  But, I don't have boobs. 
Grammy D:  We will make you some fake ones.  Here's a blanket.

Kim:  There, there.  You are okay.  (Rory is in Kim's arms crying.)
Grammy D:  I GOT HIM!
Kim:  He's in my arms.  I got this.

Rory:  CRYING!
Kim:  Every time I get him settled he just wakes up again.
Grammy D:  Do you want me to just take him to bed with me?
Kim:  Ummm.
Grammy D:  Well, you can come too.

Josh:  There, there.  Just burp.  Just burp and you can have some more.
Grammy Kay:  Oh baby!  It's o-tay.  Grammy loves you!  (She is rubbing his back over where I'm burping.)
Josh:  Do you want to burp him?  (sarcasm)
Grammy Kay:  Sure.  (she scoops him away)

Grammy D:  Just pat him on the butt.  He will stop crying.
Josh:  Pat him on the butt?  That's kind of weird.
Grammy D:  All my kids liked it.
Josh:  Hmmm.  Okay.  (pats)
Grammy D:  See.  He stopped crying.

Rory:  CRYING!   
Josh: (looks at the alarm clock.  It's 6 a.m.)  Okay baby.  I'll get you up.  Let's get some food.
Kim: (rolls over in bed.)  Ughh.  What time is it? 
Josh: 6.
Grammies:  You're up! (they say both coming into the bedroom.)  We heard our baby crying.  (they scoop Rory up, and exit before we even know what's going on.)

Josh:  Mom.  Mom.  Mom!
Grammy Kay:  What?  Oh are you talking to me?
Josh:  I've been calling you for a minute. 
Grammy Kay:  Sorry.  I didn't hear you. 
Josh:  I called you both earlier to come get Rory too!  I thought you'd be rushing in like a pack of hyenas.
Grammy Kay:  I can't hear low tones anymore.  You'll have to make your pitch higher.
Josh:  What?
Grammy D:  Yep.  Yep.  Yep.  I can't hear low tones either.  I can never hear my son talking to me either.   Oh Gosh.  Please don't write about us in your blog.
Josh:  I think I will.
Grammy Kay:  Then you better let me get my point of view across.  If you hadn't waited so long to have a baby, we wouldn't be so old!


"I'LL GET HIM!!!!"

Well, even though the moments can be overly helpful.  We can't help but love our Grammies.  They are the most amazing!  Love you guys!

Comic By Bitstrips

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