Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby Blues...

  Apparently a good portion of mothers will get post partum baby blues.  They'll be a little depressed, or worried and nervous after their baby is no longer kicking them in the ribs.  I suppose their lack of sleep and trying to deal with a crying baby is reason enough.  Oh, I suppose you are thinking the next thing I'm going to say is that Kim had the baby blues.  What?  Why would a woman who had been carved into and had a baby pulled out of her get the blues?  I mean that's just silly.  No.  She never got the baby blues.  I did.

  I blame the fact that I had to get up at 3 A.M.  I also blame the fact that I was scared for my wife.  Neither of us have really ever spent any time in a hospital before and this was general surgery.  Fine, I also blame the fact that I'm horrible with change.  I hate big changes.  Heck, I even hate big purchases.  I could spend $150.00 dollars in small chunks of $20 at a time and feel totally fine with it, but if I have to write a check for $150.00, I hyperventilate.  So imagine me in the hospital, waiting for surgery, waiting for a baby, waiting for everything to change.  I most definitely got the blues!  I also got the worst case of nervous stomach I've ever had in my life.  It doesn't help that I have the worst gag reflex you have ever heard of.  (If you don't believe me, just ask my wife sometime what I sound like in the shower, just because the hot water loosens up all the gunk in my nasal passage.  Not pleasant.)

  Waiting for the doctors to let me into the O.R. was horrible.  My stomach was so queasy.  Once I finally got in, I was ushered to Kim's head and I held her hand.  Neither of us could tell what was going on because they wouldn't let us watch, which Kim was super disappointed about.  After Rory was pulled free they brought me around to cut a portion of the cord.  Once I did, blood shot everywhere as if it was a scene from Ninja Assassins.  (Which Kim still won't watch.  It's so good!)  It was really not very appetizing to see the blood flying all over the poor little baby Ror.  However, it wasn't nearly as bad as when I accidently looked back to where Kim was, and I finally got to see what her insides look like.  (SCARY!!!!)  Trust me, I always said she was beautiful inside and out, but I probably can't ever use that expression again.  Nothing can make your guts look beautiful. 

  It wasn't until later when we were back in our hospital room that I finally purged all of my morning nervousness.  Kim likes to make fun of me now, that the girl who underwent surgery was fine and dandy, but poor Daddy couldn't even handle standing by to watch.  Oh, the irony of it all.  The one who didn't have to do anything got the baby blues for a day. 

Now that's all in the past and today Rory is 2 weeks old!  I can't even believe it!  He even looks different already.  But, boy I sure do love him and the only baby blues I have to deal with now are those beautiful little eyes.

2 Weeks Old!
Comic By Bitstrips


  1. It's amazing the way a child changes your life. Hold on, it gets better. The things they say, their little hugs, absolutely a miracle.