Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's your turn!

  I have to applaud my wife on taking care of Rory while I'm at work.  She wakes up with the baby for night feedings, changes him, and does everything she can so I can get as much sleep as I can so I am not a zombie at work.  In two words: she's amazing!  She is getting so excited because Rory is getting into a routine that makes it even easier for her.  (Well, as easy as a sleep deprived mother can have it in some skewed sense of easiness.)

  This weekend she asked me to be on night duty so she could get some sleep.  I warily said okay, because the last time I was on night duty, Rory screamed all night long, I got maybe 2 hours of sleep and I really wasn't looking forward to that when I know that when Kim does it, she at least gets about 5 to 6 hours.  In the end, how could I say no my wonderful wife and that cute little Rory mug. 

  Friday as you'd expect was a hot mess!  He cried and whined and wouldn't sleep.  I didn't get to bed until maybe 2 A.M. and then he was up at 4, and then again at 6.  Why me?  Then of course Saturday morning he was as calm as a slightly rabid koala.  He was mostly just cute and clingy and cute.  Throughout the day he stayed calm until the afternoon when nothing was going to calm him down at all.  He was a tornado meeting a volcano.  Unhappy and explosive.  (He had some big mushy poops as well, thought you'd care to know.)  Mommy tried to help him, Grammy tried to calm him, but get this, he only would calm down laying on top of daddy's chest.  It was quite the feeling.  (Kim and I are rather competitive.  You should probably not play games against us.  Most of our friends have banned us from playing on a team together.)

  Rory and I relaxed though most of the day and about 9 p.m., Rory and I fell right asleep.  He woke up about 1 A.M. to feed and then again at 3:30 so I could change the nastiest diaper I have ever seen and magically in that same second Kim decided to take him for the rest of the night. As soon as I passed him off, I instantly fell into a deep sleep and didn't wake up until 8. 

  Raise your hand if you had no idea how crazy it is to take care of a newborn.  I am raising my hand high.  I always loved babies and thought they were cute, but they are crazy, punky, and whiney.

  "Don't call our baby a punk," Kim says.
  "He's being a punk though."
  "He's a baby, they cry."

  Who knew?

Comic by Bitstrips


  1. Josh, what did I tell you about poop warnings? Should we just give you a P-rating & assume there will be poop? I am glad things are going well. Sounds like you are the perfect team.

  2. Do you have a wrap or anything you could wear him in? That's been Phil's go-to salvation for Dad-Baby alone time moments. :)And yes, no matter what anyone tells you before you have a child you don't have any inkling of how hard it is! The flip side being that no matter how much anyone tells you that you'll love those little punks you have no inkling of how much you will. ;)

  3. Thanks Cathy! Yes the P-Rating is probably a good idea. Now that Rory is here: "Let there be poop!" :)

  4. Thanks Molly! We do have a carry thing but we kind of thought about getting one of those moby wrap things. He usually does like being super close. Haha! You are right. I do love the little punk. :) He is amazing!