Sunday, August 4, 2013

Puddle of Paw Prints

   It all began with cleaning up a few hundred piles of palm tree debris and it ended with a pregnant woman falling through a chair.  Let me catch you up.

  Yesterday our men's group did a service project at a facility that takes care of foster children.  It's such an amazing ministry and the people that work there have such huge hearts. The facility needed a little help with some palm tree debris. (Who knew these things were so messy?)

  Later in the day, we were invited to have dinner with our friends the Vonn-Trapp Davidsons.  (They are our friends with the little girls.  Teeny -Age 3 and Tiny- Age 1.   They invited us over for pulled pork, grilled zucchini, and many other amazing things.  A whole bunch of church family was there and we played cards, laughed, and prayed Rory would be born that night.  (After all, yesterday was my day in the betting pool and apparently if you are reading this now.  I lost.)

  The next day, our church headed back to the Foster Family Facility to have a barbeque with the kids and the families living there.  We had a bounce house, some music, some great food, and a lot of fun.  There were two amazing details that are worth mentioning here. 

  During the music portion of the afternoon, Teeny VT-Davidsion came over to me and the other guitar player and was walking through the puddles, because lets face it, even to adults they are extremely interesting.  Then again, all of Florida is a puddle, so we adults may be desensitized.
  "What are you doing, Teeny?" I asked.
  "That's cool.  Do you want to sing with us?"
  Teeny gasped in surprise, her little blue eyes bulging.  "Look!  Look!  I can see my paw prints!"
  "Your what?" I asked, not sure I quite understood her.
  "My paw prints!" she smiled.
  "Oh yeah!  We can see your foot prints!" 

  I have to admit, that was probably the most adorable thing I'd heard all day.  However, it wasn't the funniest.  That would have to be the moment I saw my pregnant wife break the lawn chair.  She just slipped right through it.  (It was only funny because it was a slow slip.  She never came crashing to the floor or anything.  Part of the chair just gave way and she slowly slid her way to the ground.  Trust me I'm the epitome of worry when it comes to her welfare.)  The people around her stared at her dumbfounded like they knew something was off but they couldn't put their finger on it, except for one courageous warrior who came rushing around a picnic table to pull her up.

  Besides my wife dropping slowly to the ground we think that Rory has also dropped.  It literally could be any day now.  We are so excited.  So excited indeed that I almost forgot the whole point of this entry.

 The point:  I love my family.  Not just my biological ones either.  I love the people God has put in my life.  Being around the kids at the facility was bittersweet, because they have so many different stories we'd never even be able to keep them straight if we tried.  At one point I saw a little girl's eyes deeply following Tiny sitting on her dad's lap.  You could see she yearned for that.  God has put all those children there for now with people that can try to show them His love.  And I pray when the kids move on to another place it sticks with them, the way I want to show Rory, God's love.  The way God's big family have shown me His love in my life.  The way we have to keep showing other people God's love.

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