Saturday, August 3, 2013

Who Knew: Semi-Famous Rory's in 2013

  Everyone seems to have a good idea about what we should have named the baby and I have to say I love how excited everyone is about our little guy coming into the world.  It's such a fantastic time. 

  My mom had tried really hard to push for a middle name that resembled her own, and she would make little noises and "Oh that's interesting" when she heard our list of options.  My pastor still tries to tell me that God has been speaking to him and telling him the name Timothy is the best bet, but then our boy would probably get in trouble all the time and we'd have to hire a dog named Lassie to help him out of the well. 
  When we were trying to think about baby names, we definitely wanted something that meant red.  I love the color red and well my wife is a little bit red.  (When we saw the name Rory we fell in love with it.  I've actually always liked the name.)  It translates a little different in certain cultures but the meaning we are going with is Red King or King of Fire.  He will probably get an ego or be a serious pyromaniac, but it's okay, because we love it and we have insurance.

So once we had definitely decided to name our son Rory and started telling people, of course a bunch of other Rory's started coming out of the woodwork.  We really had no clue there was anyone still living named Rory.   I can't believe the nerve.  But still, Rory isn't as common as say John, Joe, Jim Bob (apparently around here.), or Colton.  When I was growing up there were about 51 Joshua's in my school alone.  So I knew I wanted something unique for my little spitfire.  And unless we move to Ireland, I think it's a pretty obscure but amazing name. 

  And now for your viewing pleasure: The Semi-Famous Rory Collection in 2013


Rory Macdonald - The UFC FIGHTER

Rory Mcilroy - The PRO-GOLFER

Rory Culkin - The ACTOR
Rory The Last Centurion- Fictional Character on Dr. Who
Little Rory - Coming Soon

Comic by Bitstrips



  1. I agree that Timothy is a pretty amazing name. Second to Rory, of course!