Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To Visit or Not to Visit...

  We've had so many visitors lately that wanted to come see our little miracle in the flesh.  (I'm sure my FB pics do no justice.)  It's been fantastic having everyone over, and not just because many of them were toting gifts and yummy foods.  That does make it even more fun though.  Rory doesn't know it yet, but he's been adored by two towering twin toddlers, the VonnTrap- Davidson girls, and of course all of their parents.  Rory was passed around like a peace pipe and I think by the way he slept through it all, he really enjoyed it.  (Except for poor Laney, mother of the twins.  He just fidgeted the whole time.)  I'd love to share all the wonderful pictures with you, but I didn't get permission.  Maybe check FB later.

  The wolf pack has also rallied around Rory on multiple occasions, because let's face it, family is family.  But, I have to tell you about two visitors in particular that really stepped it up in our eyes and probably the eyes of Caesar Flickerman as well. (To understand this reference please get comfortable with the Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.)

 Before I can tell the story I have to give you a little background knowledge on our two friends.  First we have the fabulous Katy Teal, whose full name is so amazing that you can't just call her by her first name.  No one can.  She is a distant heir to Walt Disney and works there in the summer to support her habit of being there every weekend and every other Wednesday.  She also dabbles in elementary age music.

Our friend Minnie is anything but typical.  She's a quirky blonde owl collector, who has something interesting to say about everything.  She teaches Kindergarten, loves anything that hoots and either runs a 5k, goes on a Disney cruise, or does some mix of both practically every other weekend.  Among her quirks, she hates babies.  Yeah, no one understands it.  And also no one understands how she ended up befriending Laney first who was pregnant with twins.  (Although she wasn't pregnant when they met.)  It's the universe, I think.

On the ride over to the hospital that hot night, I can picture Katy Teal and Minnie driving to meet Rory for the first time.  Minnie is probably biting her nails, and Katy Teal is grinning from ear to ear as she sings along with her Disney Princess CD.
  "I really don't think I can do this," Minnie says. 
  "You held Laney's baby at Christmas for two full hours," Katy Teal reasons.
  "Yeah, but I had to spike my own egg nog to even look at a baby."
  "Truth," Katy Teal says, "Oh wait, you spiked your own egg nog?  Whoops, I put some in there for you too."
  "No wonder I don't even remember it.... oh but, I know Josh and Kim are going to ask me to hold their baby and I just can't do it...."

(Enter Minnie's Consciousness) 

Minnie is standing in the crowds of District 12 in her best outfit, waiting for the reaping to begin.
Effie stands up in her wildest ridiculous outfit looking down at District 12.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 77th Annual Baby Games, in which one of you will be selected to HOLD a baby!" 
Minnie suddenly feels bile in her throat.  She prays for them to call anyone's name but hers. 
Effie dips her long pink tipped fingers into the reaping bowl and pulls out a slip of paper.  She delicately unwraps it and stares at the finely print name. 
 "Minnie Hatesbabyson."
 "No!!" Minnie cries out. 
The crowd stares at her with sympathy as she slowly makes her way to the stage.  This is just too much for poor Minnie.  With tears in her eyes she looks back one time before the peacekeepers urge her forward towards Effie and the baby she is suddenly carrying.
  "I VOLUNTEER!" someone shouts from the crowd.
Minnie turns back to see Katy Teal barreling through the crowd, pushing everyone aside until she can run to Minnie's side and pull her into a hug.

(Now exiting Minnie's consciousness)

  "I mean, I will hold the baby," Katy Teal says as she pulls into the hospital.  Just pretend you have a cold or something."
  "Thank you," Minnie says.

In the end, Kim wouldn't take no for an answer and Minnie was basically forced to hold Rory, and if you truly ask me, I think she is actually starting to like babies.  Of course, we will never know.  Maybe we will find out at the 78th Annual Baby Games.

Comic By Bitstrips



  1. Hahaha would you believe that I (a woman who raised five children) feel exactly like Minnie when I am around people with babies? I love them from a distance, but I would really prefer not to be the one holding, bouncing, patting, etc.

    1. It happens. Sometimes it all depends on the dynamic of how comfortable the parents are, the holdee, if there is a dog growling in some distant corner of a room. You know. It's all good. We still love Minnie!

  2. I'm a childbirth educator and a doula and yet am still not all that fond of holding other people's babies when they're tiny. Not that I don't like babies, I just know that in general they'd rather I not be the one holding them and being used to my own babies now where if they fussed you just feed them I have totally forgotten how to soothe other people's apparently. *lol*