Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In God's Hands

  Remember that time when your plans came crashing to the ground and you had to rely on the path He put you on?  Oh yeah, that just happened today. 

  Our doctor's appointment today was filled with good and bad, and happy and sad.  It started with concern and uncertainty.  Rory was extremely inactive this morning and that in itself was freaky since this kid never stops moving.  It's been said that babies slow down towards the end, so we just assumed that was the case, but we were definitely going to talk to the doctor about it.

  After the doctor's initial internal exam, she looked concerned, which of course set us at unease.  There were some things that weren't normal about the situation, the most prevalent being that Rory isn't dropping. (Which was contrary to what we assumed.)  Most babies are supposed to be starting to drop at week 36, but Rory is nowhere near position in the pelvis, and we are practically into week 40.  Coupled with the fact Rory wasn't moving much this morning, the doctor scheduled another ultrasound and a heart rate/contraction monitor screening. 

  The good news is that Rory treated the heart rate monitor like it was an enemy and kicked it about 3 million times.  The ultrasound also showed positive results and showed us that our little (or should I say 8 pound) monkey was doing just fine.

  That left only the fact that our little guy is just "floating" and not dropping.  The doctors at the practice have never once been pushy or so much as offered a C-Section, (I say this because it seems a lot of people today are under the assumption that doctors only want to cut your baby out now) but she gave us the choice of :

A.  Let the pregnancy play out, and hope that he drops before his water breaks, (although he should have already started dropping even slightly.) because that could cause even more high risk complications including the cord coming out first, and would most likely end in an emergency C-Section.


B.  Schedule a planned C-Section.

  Kim who has always been hardcore, all natural, granola eating, tree hugging, crazy momma, and I decided that it may be in the best interest to go with the C-Section.  We've been relying on God this whole pregnancy, and just Monday, the whole day was about crazy annoying things happening, but they pointed to a silver lining in the midst of the storm.  Maybe the reason we got slaughtered by emotionally draining problems that all turned out to help us figure something out, was prepping us for this.   Oddly enough, Kim has also been having dreams this past week that she was going to have to have a C-Section.  I know it's not what we planned, and I know there could be complications in each situation whether we were to choose A or B.  The endgame is the same, we have to trust God and we have to follow the signs he gives us.

  It reminds me of a skit we used to do at camp when I was a counselor.  There is a man who climbs onto his roof during a flood.  He prays to God for help, but when a man in a canoe passes and offers help, he says:  "No thanks.  I'm waiting for God to help me."  And then when a man in a helicopter passes over head and tries to rescue him, he says:  "No.  I'm waiting for God."  The poor man never realized that God was sending others to help him.

The whole day threw me out of whack, (again) but in the end I have to think about the safety of my wife and child.    Whatever our plans were, and as much as a C-section doesn't fit in with our birth plan, it's the safest thing with the information we have. 

I don't want Kim to have to go through hours of labor, with no chance of her son ever dropping down, and then have to have an emergency C-section anyway.  This evening as we were calling our family to tell them what was going on and Kim's aunt told us that 22 years ago, the same exact thing happened to her.  She went through labor, with a floating baby, that never came down.  Even though she pushed through hours of labor, and broke all of the capillaries in her face, it was for naught and she had to have a C-Section anyway. 

  It's scary, but like I said earlier, I think it's the safest thing for my family, and I know God has his hand in it.  Please pray for us.  We appreciate the support.

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  1. I will be praying for you all. When is the big day?

  2. We are still waiting to find out... they wanted us to do is soon.