Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another exciting morning with Grammy!

It's been pretty hard for Kim to go back to school and leave Rory behind.  We are so blessed to have Grammy Kay with us on her extended stay to watch Rory during the day.  Besides her crazy antics and speech issues disguised as "baby talk" it's a real blessing.

Today was an exciting day at least that's what I have heard:  I don't really know how to candy coat it so to put it bluntly it started with a big crap.  (giant, if you ask me.)

  "Oh dearest me," Grammy Kay says sitting Rory up in her lap.  "I can hear yous grunting away!  I hears you!  Oh dat's my baby boy!"
  Rory continues to grunt and push.
  "Let me stand you up.  Maybe it will slide right out!" Grammy Kay says.
  Rory grunts and pushes the green alien sludge out of it's containment. 
  "Okay, let's change you!" Grammy Kay says skipping to the baby room, the grand baby euphoria still swirling around her head like a cloud.
  As she peels the sopping smooshy diaper away from Rory she notices that his entire butt and back are coated with a green algae that sort of smells like mushrooms.
  "Oh no!" Grammy Kay says wiping him down.  "You just took a bath yesterday too!  Well we'll have to give you another little mini bath."
  Rory giggles.
  Grammy Kay takes him to the bathroom and washes him down.  "That was a good boy!" she coos at the baby resting on her hip.
  As she turns to pick a towel up, a heavy stream explodes from Rory and lands right into the toilet.
  Grammy Kay doesn't even breathe lest his stream hit the toilet seat. 
  "Yay!  I got to witness your first big boy pee!" 
  As the words leave her mouth the reverberation of her vocal chords give just enough bounce to make Rory's almost perfect score diminish when little yellow dribbles hit the seat.
   "Well, now you're just like every other man on the planet," Grammy Kay says.

  Being working folk, we had to hear the story second hand, but it was still pretty hilarious and I can't believe we missed such a funny moment.  Grammy Kay assures me it won't be the last time his back is plastered with poo.  I can't wait.
Comic By Bitstrips

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