Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sister Sister!!!! But where are the Mowry's?

My beautiful little sister came to visit from Mexico this past week, where she goes to school.  She came last Saturday and left today.  It's amazing when we get to see her because it's always so far and few between.  The last time she was here was for my wedding a year ago in November.  It was hard to say goodbye but we are hoping Aunt Hannah gets to come back soon.  We miss her!

  One fantastic thing about Hannah being here is that we always roll right into the way things have always been.  Plus, she has a way to get Grammy Kay flustered super easily.

Meeting Aunt Hannah for the first time!  Look.  She hasn't "painted" her hair yet!
 Here is a compilation of the great moments of the week:

After picking Hannah up at the airport:
Hannah:  Mi nombre es Hannah y me encanta el queso y yo soy de México. Te extraño mamá! ¿Cómo estás?
Grammy Kay:  Yo soy la abuela. Me gusta un pez de colores.
Hannah:  You have gotten goodish.
Grammy Kay:  I know.  I speak Mexican really good.
Hannah:  You mean, Spanish?
Grammy Kay:  Si.  You know what I mean. HAHAH!

Talking in the car:
Hannah:  There were some very attractive German men sitting by me on the plane.
Grammy:  Where were they from?
Hannah:  (laughing) I'd assume Germany.
Grammy:  What?  No.  I asked where were they going.
Hannah:  Uh, no you didn't.
Grammy Kay:  Yes I did!

After "painting" her hair.

Before Church:
Rory: Grunting.
Josh:  Oh no, you better not start grunting now.  It will be just my luck for you to poop right as I get you ready to go to church.
Hannah: Oh no.
Grammy:  Don't worry I already pooped.  
Hannah and Josh:  (Roars of laughter.)
Grammy Kay:  I mean, HE already pooped.  You guys are so bad!  You always get me flustered Hannah!  Don't post that on your blog, Josh.

Waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts:

Flustered Worker:  Are you going to order any drinks?
Grammy Kay:  Yes.
Flustered Worker:  Can I get you something?
Grammy Kay:  Yes I am going to get coffee with my breakfast.
Josh:  I think she wants to know the details...
Flustered Worker:  So you just want black coffee?
Grammy Kay:  No, I'm going to get a coffee with my order.
Flustered Worker:  And what will that be?
Josh:  Wow, you just made that really difficult.

And finally there was  probably scariest moment of the whole weekend. 

We zoomed through Old Town in Kissimme and loved every moment.  It was a Halloween themed event I guess because there were zombies walking down the street, Werewolves, aliens from area 51 and Frankenstein.    We then went back to the hotel and took a swim, went to the hot tub, took our free drink vouchers to the hotel bar, which was empty and apparently two people wanting free drinks was too few to open a bottle.  Then as we all tried to sleep peacefully into the night we heard what could only be the sound of fireworks shooting off at 2 in the morning. 

Pop pop pop pop pop.

The next day we found out that it had been gunfire and cops had been swarming the area for hours.  Being from a small town we aren't used to such things and with a baby and a wife nearby, it was scarier than the werewolves.

But Hannah made it back to Mexico safely and we are back home as well.  Everything was okay for a little while.  I even met up with one of my best friends Lizzie.  But her story is for another day.  (most likely tomorrow.)

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  1. I can't believe how grown up Hannah is! I think the last time I saw her she was what, 8?! Crazy!