Sunday, October 13, 2013

So Tired!!!!!

  I admit it, I have slowed down on writing blogs this month and last.  I promise I have not given up.  It's just that when I'm not at work, at church, with Rory, or watching the Walking Dead with Kim and my somewhat screamy mother, Kim and I are walking around as zombies ourselves. 

The evidence:

Two nights ago:

 Rory is screaming for his 3 am feeding.  It's Kim's turn to get up but she doesn't move.   I poke her and try to coax Bella into licking her face, but the dog's dead asleep as well. 
 I try groaning, which is Kim's signature sound at 3 am.  Nothing.
 I get up and change Rory's diaper which is a hot poopy mess.  I fix his bottle next and head back to bed dramatically flopping back down next to Kim.  If I have to be up on her turn, then I might as well make it worth my while.  I am internally planning what I'm going to say to the little faker.  I mean, she's obviously faking it!  But she just never moves.  I fall asleep eventually.  I'll tell her how much she owes me tomorrow.

  The next night:

  I wake up at 6 a.m. and find that I'd slept through the whole night never hearing Rory cry at all.
  "I did all of his feedings tonight!  Thanks for your help!" Kim retorts.
  "Are you serious?  I never even heard him."
  I wasn't so upset with Kim anymore.

Last night:

  Rory starts to cry for his 3 a.m. feeding. 
  Instantly I hear Kim groan.  It's not enough that I have to hear the baby whine, but Kim has to pop off too. 
  "I'll get the bottle," I say.
  "Kay," Kim mumbles as she saunters off to the bathroom.
  I make the bottle and bring it back to the room in the complete dark.  I've gotten quite good at moving through the shadows.  I notice Kim still isn't back yet.
  "Kimberly?" I ask, knowing she hates her full name.
  I see a sudden flash of light coming from the bathroom, followed instantly by darkness.
  "Kim?" I ask again.
  The light flashes again and then is suddenly dark. 
  "I've had nightmares like this before," I say out loud. 
  As I inch closer and closer to the master bathroom I see Kim leaning against the doorframe exasperated. 
  "The toilet won't flush!" Kim whines.
  "Oh... well... did you realize you were flipping the light switch on and off and not the flusher?"
  Kim's face contorts... "Oh."


  I was washing all of Rory's bottles to take with us  to our bible study this evening.  I got him all strapped into his car seat.  I got all of the keys for the car.  I helped Kim back up her things. 
   "Well we're off!" I say bye to my mother and my sister, (who will be featured in the next blog) and head out to the garage to get in the car.
  Kim's laughter erupts like a volcano and I peek my head back in. 
  "Did you forget something?" she asks.
  I scan the room.  "Umm, well you have the diaper bag right?"
  Then my eyes land on the baby in his car seat sitting on the living room floor.  "Oh yeah.  Well that might be important."

  I'm not even going to tell you all the little things at school and at home that I have forgotten about and how many times I've had to type the right words in this post alone.  I guess it's just the perks of getting little sleep and having so much to do! 

 But what a beautiful season of life.  I can't even look at my little one and not smile.  I'm so blessed.

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  1. My husband said that he gets less sleep now that the kids are older than when they were babies. We're thinking that it has something to do with kids crawling in bed, or asking for a drink of water, or that infamous "bad dream". But when I read your blog to him he laughed out loud and said that the "good times" haven't even begun. LOL :) #urnotalone