Friday, October 25, 2013

Special Edition: The Wife Blogs Back!!!

As I begin this special edition, I would like to establish that I truly love my husband.  People always say their spouse is their best friend, and for us it is completely true.  He has been my best friend long before we ever even dated. 

But here is the thing….. this blog is going to be the death of me!  It has followed me just about everywhere I go – church and school.  Well I guess I don’t go to many places, but to be fair I just had a baby.  The places I do go this is what happens: I will be talking to someone about Rory and I hear, “Oh yeah I read about that in Josh’s blog.”  or “Your husband is so funny.  Did that really happen?”  or  “I know more about you than I should.”

So here is what you haven’t read in my husband’s blog.  His moments of being a silly zombie daddy.

Zombie Daddy Case #1:                                                                                                                                                     
Josh: I don’t understand why my alarm clock is not working.  I have it set for 6am.  It is a good thing I set my phone alarm too or I would have overslept.  I can’t believe it is broken!

Grammy D:  Did you set the time correctly?  Does it say 7pm right now or 7am?

Josh: Oh I see.

Grammy D and I laughed so hard – he was not too pleased.


Zombie Daddy Case #2:                                                                                                                                                                   
  Josh is driving us to Bible Study.  He tries to turn at the gas station on the road to Aaron Jack’s and Gina Jo’s.

Kim: We are not going to Gina Jo’s, we are going to the Davidson’s.

The next gas station comes up and he tries to turn again even though there is no road to turn on.

Kim: Where are you going?

Josh: I don’t know.  Didn’t we pass the road?

Kim: We are not going to Aaron Jack and Gina Jo’s, we are going to the Davidson’s.

Josh: Oh I am so confused.  The baby is crying and the radio is on and you are talking to me.

Kim: Umm, maybe I should drive.


Zombie Daddy Case #3:                                                                                                                                              
      We are getting out of the car at the Wal-Mart parking lot.  Rory is behind Josh in the car and so Josh usually grabs him.  This time he gets out and walks around the car to me.

Kim: Did you forget the baby again?

Josh: Uh no.  I needed to check something in the trunk.

Kim: Ok dear if you say so.

He is a great dad even with those forgetful zombie moments.

Great daddy example: 

1-      At youth group as I am teaching the kids, he changes a very stinky poop diaper with a couple of hand wipes from TGI Fridays.  I had forgotten to pack wipes.

2-      He gets up every night and takes turns feeding Rory (Well except the ones he sleeps through.  Of course I have slept through a couple too.)

3-      He also acts like a wildebeest to get Rory to smile just like Grammy Kay.  (It must run in the family.)
Rory is perfectly content with turning us into zombies.  He gets all the sleep he wants.  Why can't we?
Comic by Bitstrips