Thursday, October 24, 2013

Best Buy Anyone?

   I really wanted to start this blog by saying how excited I was that one of my best friends Lizzie and her mother came down to visit me this past weekend, but I don't feel right about starting this story anywhere other than Best Buy.   I mean, that is basically where we spent the majority of our day.  It was a horrible, miserable, no good, very bad, 2 hours at Best Buy.

You might think we are in the woods, but no... it's just a tree in the Best Buy parking lot.
  The only reason we were there was because my mother wanted a very complicated tablet that even I had a hard time figuring out how to use.  But, we were all there to support her through her obsession.  We had met earlier at Lizzie's hotel, which was merely an extension of the Best Buy and decided to eat lunch at the Macaroni Grill, which was conveniently in the far corner of the Best Buy as well.  They sure are accommodating at Best Buy.  It only took them one hour to help her find a new version of the tablet she wanted since they didn't sell them in bundles anymore.  It was a horrible, miserable, no good, very bad 3 hours at Best Buy.

See we weren't lying.

Now don't get me wrong, Best Buy in itself is just fine.  I actually like the store.  What I did not like is how we were stranded there for 3 hours while they tried to show my less than technical savvy mother how to use the device.  On the bright side, we got really close to one of the employees who took a liking to little Rory.  I sure loved Candance.  She was obsessed with Rory's bright red hair and big blue eyes.  Lizzie and Kim were engrossed in conversation with Candace when I walked over.

  "Is this Daddy?" Candace says popping her grape smelling bubble gum.
  "Yes," Kim says.
  "I see now," Candace says,  "Your hair.  His eyes.  Deadly Combination.  He's going to be a ladykiller!" 
   From that moment on, Candace was our best friend.  She followed us around the store and Kim swapped recipes on all the different things you could dill.  Lizzie gave her a great mood ring, and I got a pleasant smile.  It was only 4 hours later that we were still in Best Buy.  My mother was trying to figure out how to type a word into the tablet.  Lizzie's mom was tired from spending 5 hours at Best Buy and Lizzie and I were walking back from the bathroom.  I put my arm around her as we walked, because we are just that close.  You know how you have that one friend who you've known for 11 plus years and you've been through probably the craziest, angsty, and somewhat monumental times of your life with?  That'd be Lizzie.  Anyhow as we breezed across the store, Candace's eyes fell on us and they grew as big as saucers.  I could just hear them saying "YOU ARE CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE, and you have such a cute baby."  I could tell in that moment, we were dead to Candace.  It was a horrible, miserable, no good, very bad 7 hours at Best Buy. 

Why are we still here?  Why do we have to play around in the parking lot?

I grab my mom when Geek Squad Bill was trying to show her how to take a picture with the camera and say, "Everyone is in the parking lot.  We are dying.  Kim is sitting in the trunk, the baby has grown a mustache, Lizzie is juggling Rory, and Lizzie's mom has fallen asleep in her rental car.  We have been here for 9 hours.  We can't take it anymore.  We will figure the rest of this tablet out at home."
 She nods, wishing she could stay a little longer and learn more about technology but leaves with me.

A random spoon I probably should not have picked up.
We hug Lizzie and her mom goodbye, after we startle Susan awake from her rental car sleep and wish them well.  It was sad that the whole day had to take place at Best Buy, but hey I got to see Lizzie and Lizzie got to see Rory and that's worth more than words or complicated tablets can express.  I'm just glad I got to see my dear friend and share the joy of my new little family member with her. 

Found the Mustache at a Halloween Spirit Store that was connected to Best Buy!

Comic By Bitstrips!

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